AW17 Coastal: Jackie Greaney

We caught up with Jackie Greaney, who you may recognise from her popular Instagram account documenting life in New England. We talk to her about her personal style, and what she loves most from our AW17 Coastal collection, available at Orvis.

October 5th 2017
We're big fans of Jackie Greaney's Instagram account, where she documents her travels along the Eastern Seaboard and her preppy style. Discover how living on the New England coastline influences her style, and which spots she recommends to visit.
A fan of Barbour, the adventurous Jackie is the perfect fit for our nautical inspired AW17 Coastal Collection, a range designed for time spent outdoors whatever the weather.
Your Instagram account does an incredible job of showcasing how stunning and unique coastal New England is. What drew you into Instagram and made you want to use the channel to share your life with your followers?
I’ve never kept a journal, and have always loved photography. I also don’t have the best memory, so I was drawn to Instagram early-on as a place to make visual notes of places I had been and wanted to remember. I never set out with the intention of “building an audience” but as your network on the app grows, it only becomes more fun to share and engage with it. The positivity that exists on Instagram is something so unique and special, and it does such a wonderful job of connecting people with shared interests and passions. I met many of my closest friends through the app, and that is even how Paul and I made our first connection.
How would you describe your personal style?
I really figured it out when I went to college in the Northeast. I’d always gravitated towards classic, preppy staples and loved the hand-me-down chic look that so many of my classmates at Dartmouth did so well. New Englanders know how to invest in good pieces that will stand the test of time, and I’ve tried to adopt that mentality as I build my wardrobe. Less trend, more quality. I like to think that most of the things in my closet could be handed down to a daughter (or son— I love menswear!) in 20 years, and they’d be as cool to them then as I think they are now.
Jackie wears the Barbour Filey Wax Jacket styled with the Barbour Ashridge Beanie.
Tell us about your first Barbour experience.
I fell in love with Barbour as soon as I got to campus in New Hampshire! I remember thinking they looked so different than anything I’d seen before in California, and yet so iconic. I bought a classic navy men’s Bedale my Freshman year that I still wear today.
What does the future look like for the two of you and life in Maine?
Paul and I moved to Maine last winter to focus on setting up our own creative studio. A lot of our brand and aesthetic is tied to New England, and the lifestyle and outdoors is such a huge part of what inspires us. It’s so nice to have the space and fresh air and quiet to focus on our pursuits and give full-attention to what we’re building. I’m not sure what the future holds but I know that right now we feel pretty lucky to be where we are.
How has the move from New York to Maine affected your personal styles? What do you love most about life by the coast?
Maine's climate is much cooler! I think we've both really enjoyed being able to layer year-round. Clothing here also feels like it should "work" and not just look good. I haven’t really changed my style, but I do notice that I get the most use out of pieces that I can wear to the beach in the morning and then stay in throughout the day.
What could we find in the pocket of your Barbour jackets?
 Dog treats!
Jackie wears the Barbour Shipper Wax Jacket.
Where do you each get style inspiration from?
We both spend a lot of time looking at vintage magazines and catalogs. (One of our first dates was to the periodicals section of the New York Public Library.) A lot of the images on Pinterest and Tumblr seem to get recycled, so going back to the source is a great way to surface new inspiration.
What drew you to the Barbour Coastal and Barbour ONSO collections?
It’s clearly designed for life on the coast! I love a collection that’s full of pieces that I can wear to walk Poppy on the beach, or take the canoe out, and then wear straight to cocktails with friends.
Where are some of your favorite coastal New England spots to visit? Any must-see landmarks or restaurants to try?
Since moving up to Maine we've spent some time exploring the little coastal towns along Maine Route 1 north of Kennebunk. One of our favorite turn-offs is down the St. George Peninsula. We grab lunch on the water at the beautiful, secluded Luke's Lobster in Tenants Harbor, poke around and snap photos in Port Clyde, and love to stop at the Marshall Point Lighthouse, which has a very charming lobster museum on-site. 
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