5 Things You Didn’t Know About our Barbour Tartan Scarves

We sought to discover more about our rich heritage, and uncovered 5 interesting facts about our Barbour Tartan Scarves this holiday.

December 13th 2016

Did you know that tartan has been an integral part of our heritage for decades? Since 1998, when the first Classic Barbour tartan was established, we’ve been developing a growing collection of Tartan clothing, which includes a range of exclusive Tartan designs today. The scarf being a main feature in today’s collection, we decided to explore 5 things about it you may not have known before…

1.       We’ve been using tartan since 1894.

Our founder John Barbour was a Scotsman, and although he moved over the border to South Shields in the North East of England, he never forgot his Scottish roots. From the early days, tartan has been used as the lining for our oilskin coats; and today you’ll see it lining our jackets, quilts, polo shirts, footwear and accessories.

2.       The Exclusive Barbour Tartans were developed by Helen Barbour.

They were developed by Helen Barbour and Kinloch Anderson back in 1998. Kinloch Anderson advised on the colours of the yarn, fabric advice and sett size recommendations – lending invaluable experience in advising how paper designs could be transposed into woven cloth.

3.       We’ve put in a lot of thought into our tartan design.

The colours in our tartan set were chosen to reflect the colour image of our famous Barbour jackets. The border brown/navy background gives depth and charm to the contrasting gold, white, and red over-check lines.

4.       There are a total of 7 exclusive Barbour tartan designs.

Theres a total of seven designs – Dress, Classic, Modern, Ancient, Muted, Cardinal and Sporting tartan, all used throughout our collections all year round. 

5.       There’s a reason behind our tartan linings.

The iconic design of our famous tartan lining is what makes our products immediately recognisable. The reason we started using tartan as a liner in our jackets was to help hide any marks on the lining, since you can’t wash wax jackets.

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