Dog Walking Essentials

Dog Walking Essentials

An activity that plays a huge part in the health and happiness of your canine companion, spending time outdoors with your dog is a responsibility every dog owner shares. Of course, it's not as simple as calling your pooch and heading out the door, there are a number of dog walking accessories you’ll need to find first.

At Barbour, those long hours spent playing and exploring in the great outdoors with man’s best friend are one of the most cherished aspects of the Barbour Way of Life. As such, we’ve created a wide range of practical and stylish dog walking essentials to make the most of the experience, no matter the time of year or weather forecast.

What should you carry when walking a dog?

Whether it’s for a short stroll around the park, or a long, winding adventure through the woods, whenever you and your four-legged friend head out into the great outdoors there are a number of dog walking accessories that are essential. From dog walking equipment such as leads and harnesses that ensure their protection, to coats and body warmers that keep them comfortable and cosy, staying prepared on strolls with your pooch is the best way to make the most of every adventure. 

Dog walking gear




Top of our list of essentials for dog walking, the importance of finding a suitable harness and lead for your dog cannot be understated. The easiest way to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog, these pieces of equipment need to be the right size to avoid nips and squeezes, hard-wearing so that they don’t fall prey to chewing or pulling, and stylish so that your dog can look their best as they explore the great outdoors. 

If you’re looking for a new harness and lead that meet all these requirements, we recommend the Barbour Tartan Dog Harness and matching Tartan Dog Lead. Designed with comfort as a top priority, the dog harness features an adjustable chest strap and cushioning that stays in place as they walk, run and rest. Finish off the look with the easily attachable matching dog lead, which is made from rich leather for quality that lasts.

Dog walking accessories




A necessity for the colder seasons and rainy days, layering up with a dog coat will help to ensure walks remain an enjoyable experience for your four-legged friend, no matter the weather. At Barbour, we’ve designed the Wetherham Tartan Dog Coat and Baffle Quilt Dog Coat to offer some extra protection from the elements, all while keeping style in mind. Whether you prefer the traditional tartan of the Wetherham style or the more contemporary feel of the block-colour quilted coat, your canine friend will benefit from a lightweight, showeproof layer to shield them from the worst the weather can throw at them.

Dog walker equipment




While keeping your dog safe, secure and comfortable is the top priority for any owner upgrading their dog walking gear, there are a few pieces of equipment that remain a necessity for the owner, including the Barbour Tartan Poop Bag Dispenser. Designed to make clearing up after your dog an easier task, the Barbour poop bag dispenser can be refilled before each outing and attached to your dog’s lead to ensure you always have everything you need to keep the streets clean, all within easy reach. 

For longer walks, an often forgotten piece of dog walker equipment is a durable and spacious backpack, such as the Barbour Cascade Backpack. Perfect for storing all your dog walker equipment and supplies such as a towel, treats, bowl, water and more, the Cascade backpack can be worn comfortably for hours thanks to the padded and adjustable carry straps.

Dog walker accessories

As any seasoned dog walker will know, dogs aren’t the only ones who need the right protective gear when on outdoor excursions, so too do their caretakers. If you regularly find yourself taking on rain, mud and everything in between as your dog enjoys the natural wonders of their favourite walking route, find all the dog walker accessories you need to keep yourself dry and comfortable at Barbour.

Coats for dog walking




Come rain or shine, wearing a lightweight, showerproof jacket for dog walks is a great way to prepare for the unpredictable British weather. At Barbour, we have plenty of staples to choose from, but the men’s Mawden Jacket and women’s Clyde Jacket are particular favourites that suit the occasion. Casual and comfortable, these versatile styles offer a range of rain-ready features, such as a fixed hood, a showerproof finish, zip fastening and cuffed or adjustable sleeves, which help to keep the weather at bay while you enjoy your stroll.

Dog walking essentials for owners




While it may not be our original intention to leave the beaten path, adventurous dogs are hard to say no to when they dart headfirst into every muddy field and shallow stream they can find. Wherever their imagination and excitement leads them, make sure you’re ready to follow in a pair of wellington boots from Barbour.

Designed to keep feet warm and dry, our collection of wellies for men and women are a classic piece of country dog walking equipment that are perfect for long, muddy walks in the rain. Whether you’re planning on wading through streams with our Barbour Cirrus Wellingtons, or just want a little extra protection from puddles with our shorter Wilton Wellingtons, these easy-to-clean styles offer a practical alternative to trainers and casual shoes.

Find dog walking accessories at Barbour

Upgrade your next dog walk, and every walk that follows, by browsing the full collection of dog walking accessories at Barbour. From dog walking gear that will keep your companion safe and comfortable, to weather-ready essentials that make your own experience even better, you’ll find everything you need to explore the world with your best friend at Barbour.