Meet the Dogs of Barbour | Our Pawsome Four-Legged Models

Meet the Dogs of Barbour | Our Pawsome Four-Legged Models


Here at the Barbour studio in South Shields, we were joined by a pawsome crew of four-legged friends to help us showcase our new Spring-Summer Barbour Dogs apparel. Our Barbour Employees kindly brought their adorable canine companions along for a wagtastic day infront of the camera. Warning: the following photos are cuteness overload! Our four-legged team were suited and booted, from head to tail in Barbour Dogs gear, striking a pose for the pup-arazzi. Whilst our pooches worked their magic for the camera, our employees shared a sneak peak into the life of their canine companions, from their best adventure spots to their cheekiest habits. Let us introduce the team…


Introducing the majestic duo, Scooter and Oggy. Scooter and Oggy are both La-Chon’s, a cross between the Bichon Frise and Lhasa Apso and our Assistant Ecomm Brand Manager, Rebecca's little bundles of joy! The beach is Scooter and Oggy’s favourite destination for adventure-filled walkies, their go-to spots being Tynemouth Beach and Marsden Rock, perfect for rolling in the sand! Oggy is the cheekier of the pair, he loves to perch on Rebecca’s shoulder like a parrot whilst licking her ears: Whilst Scooter is arguably more sloth-like, he loves to sit back and relax and receive belly rubs all day, he is most definitely a pampered pooch!  The duo’s most-loved Barbour Dogs products are the Wax Step In Harness and the Poop bag dispenser, both practical yet stylish choices!  

Next up is our Senior Stylist, James', four-legged friend Monty. Monty, the Bedlington Whippet has an array of charming nicknames including, Montague, Mr Monty Zoomer and his Lordship. Monty is one healthy canine, he is particularly fond of broccoli and carrots and also a nibble of butter, that he pinches off the kitchen worktops now and again. Monty and James often spend their weekends in the town of Ouseburn, at their selection of dog-friendly shops, cafes, and pubs. Although Monty is a bit of a couch potato at home, when he is out and about he gets a serious case of the zoomies. It is certain that after every walk Monty will collect a new stick to bring back home. James has now gathered a woodland's worth of sticks by his doorstep. Monty’s Barbour dog walking essentials are the Comfort Lurcher Dog Collar, a collar designed with Sighthound breeds in mind and the matching  Reflective Tartan Dog Lead.

Last, but certainly not least, is Ted the Cockapoo, also known as Ted Bear, Mr Goodbear, Mr Hairy Beary-the list goes on! Ted is Alice, our Digital Campaigns & Content Manager’s beloved pooch. Ted's cheekiest habit is falling asleep in his bed every evening and then mysteriously waking up on the sofa. He has many other tricks up his sleeve too. Once presented with a treat, Ted will sit down, lift his paw, spin and lie down at speed in that exact order! Ted is also a mucky pup, he particularly enjoys rolling around outside and getting as muddy as possible, although he is not as keen on the bath that comes afterwards. Alice and Ted recently ventured to the seaside destination of Saltburn in the Northeast, where there are lots of sandy walks and muddy trails to explore. Alice and Ted never leave the house without the Barbour Poop Bag Dispenser, it easily clips onto Ted's lead so it is never forgotten! 

ABOVE: (left) Tartan Dog Coat (right) Tartan Dog Collar

  1. Leather Dog Lead
    Leather Dog Lead
  2. Leather Dog Lead
    Leather Dog Lead
  3. Leather Dog Collar
    Leather Dog Collar
  4. Leather Dog Collar
    Leather Dog Collar
  5. Adjustable Tartan Harness
    Adjustable Tartan Harness
  6. Monmouth Waterproof Dog Coat
    Monmouth Waterproof Dog Coat
  7. Packable Tartan Dog Coat
    Packable Tartan Dog Coat
  8. Tartan Dog Coat
    Tartan Dog Coat
  9. Boulevard Quilted Dog Coat
    Boulevard Quilted Dog Coat
  10. Printed Dog T-Shirt
    Printed Dog T-Shirt
  11. Comfort Lurcher Dog Collar
    Comfort Lurcher Dog Collar
  12. Comfort Dog Harness
    Comfort Dog Harness
  13. Dog Hedgehog Toy
    Dog Hedgehog Toy
  14. Monmouth Waterproof Dog Coat
    Monmouth Waterproof Dog Coat
  15. Paw-Quilted Dog Coat
    Paw-Quilted Dog Coat
  16. Packable Tartan Dog Coat
    Packable Tartan Dog Coat
  17. Dog Coconut Conditioner
    Dog Coconut Conditioner
  18. Dog Coconut Shampoo
    Dog Coconut Shampoo
  19. Monmouth Waterproof Dog Coat
    Monmouth Waterproof Dog Coat
  20. Wellington Boot Dog Toy
    Wellington Boot Dog Toy