New York Tartan Week: Making a custom kilt for Helen Barbour

Our Vice Chairman, Helen Barbour wore a specially made kilt at last week’s Tartan Day Parade, we discover who designed it and how…

April 14th 2017
Last week we attended the 19th Annual Tartan Parade in New York to celebrate our Scottish heritage. Our very own Vice Chairman, Helen Barbour, wore a custom kilt especially for the Parade, designed by award winning Fashion Designer, Siobhan Mackenzie, who discussed with us the design process.
Proudly leading the march for Barbour down Sixth Avenue was Helen in her kilt made of our exclusive family #BarbourTartan, on what proved to be a wonderfully sunny afternoon in Manhattan.
With sound of the bagpipes whistling around New York, what was a more appropriate outfit than a kilt teamed with Barbour clothing – there was no mistaking the kilt was made from our unique tartan, with its rich colours inspired by our iconic clothing and archive photography.
Siobhan and Helen worked together to design the kilt combining the Barbour Classic Tartan with a stunning contrast red pleat. One week before the parade, Siobhan who specializes in designing contemporary kilts, travelled down from Glasgow, Scotland to Barbour HQ to give us the first glimpse of this very special garment. 

Siobhan explains “We use intricate techniques to create this aesthetically impacting feature where the kilt pleats alternate between radiant red wool and the Barbour Tartan.”

The red wool was also used to create a contrast fringe and waistband providing subtle but effective details on the kilt. 
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