Barbour International: #ForTheFreeSpirited – Benny Thomas

Next up in our #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign, we caught up with Benny Thomas, founder of Mutt Motorcycles.

August 15th 2017
This Barbour International #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign we’re giving you an insight into the lives of six creatives who embody the free-spirited attitude and style of Barbour International…
We met the talented custom bike manufacturer Benny, to discuss what inspires him to build unique motorcycles, and the advice he would give his younger self. Find out what Benny had to say...
Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little more about what you do and why it’s so unique?
My name is Benny Thomas and I work at Mutt Motorcycles. At Mutt, we manufacture a range of motorcycles from 125cc to 500cc in the centre of Birmingham, England. Our bikes are cool yet accessible retro-styled machines, with classic British styling. Mutt is different to other motorcycle manufacturers in our approach to the industry.
Our background is in building custom bikes, and we have carried that ethos through to our bike production. Each of our bikes is hand built by our team and can be customized to customer specification. From paint, to frame mods, to a simple change of handlebars and grips, we can make each Mutt Motorcycle unique.
Why did you make the decision to take this direction and not follow convention?
I never did make that decision, I've always done what I like to do and what I feel is right. If I have an idea I go for it and work out how to make it work along the way. With Mutt, I'm lucky that I have a great partner and a brilliant team around me who put my crazy ideas into reality and make the whole thing work.
 If you could give your younger self advice on the following subjects, what would they be?
I'd be the last person I'd take career advice from when I was younger, but I'd advise a younger Benny to listen to his dad more.
Wear what you think looks and feels good on you, don't let others tell you what’s right. Sure you will make a lot of mistakes, but will settle into your own groove.
Do whatever you like, but be a gentleman. 'Be just like a duck, stay smooth on the surface and paddle like hell underneath' - Martin Penwald
Work hard and learn how to fix your own motorcycles. That way you get all the freedom you need.
Benny wore our B.Intl Stretch Slim Denim Jeans.
What is your essential everyday kit?
I like wearing whatever feels comfortable and right for me. I’d definitely wear my Barbour International Jacket when out riding my motorcycle!
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