A Look at the Iconic Barbour Beadnell Jacket

A Look at the Iconic Barbour Beadnell Jacket


A popular addition to our selection of iconic women’s waxed jackets, the Barbour Beadnell is cut to a flattering feminine silhouette while featuring a timeless heritage-inspired feel with its luxurious and authentic tartan inner lining.

In this post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the sought-after Barbour Beadnell Jacket. From covering the origins of this signature women’s outerwear staple, to highlighting the incredible features it has to offer, as well as providing some expert styling tips, read on to find everything you need to know about this distinctive Barbour wax jacket. 

What is the Barbour Beadnell jacket?

Based on the traditional Barbour Bedale, which was originally produced back in 1980 as the first lightweight jacket specifically designed for riding, the women’s Barbour Beadnell provides an updated version of this iconic men’s outerwear piece. Produced with a carefully designed cut and seaming, this piece has been made to create a feminine silhouette while maintaining an authentic Barbour feel, making it ideal for year-round wear.

What is the difference between the Classic Beadnell and the Barbour Beadnell?

Similar to its predecessors, the Barbour Bedale and Classic Bedale, there is also two versions of the Barbour Beadnell jacket: the original and the classic. Despite being equal in functionality, versatility and style, there are two key differences that set these iconic designs apart. While the Barbour Beadnell wax jacket is made with a Thornproof Waxed Cotton outer, the classic Beadnell jacket is an updated piece that has been finished with Sylkoil Wax. Compared to Thornproof, this type of wax will provide a matte, rather than shiny finish, and is seen to have a soft feel, which makes it ideal for those who may have a preference for that style and texture.

There are additional differences in the colours of the jackets, which also feature varying tartan inner lining patterns. For instance, the original Barbour Beadnell Waxed Jacket features Bark, Navy, Sage, Black and Rustic hues, with an inner lining that corresponds with these colours. In contrast, the Classic is available in Olive, a stylish option that has been thoughtfully designed to complement a wide variety of women’s outfits and footwear.

Is the Barbour Beadnell Jacket Waterproof?

While the Barbour Beadnell isn’t 100% waterproof, for example in very extreme downpour, it does boast a hard-wearing outer that provides good protection from the elements when you’re heading outdoors. Following similar characteristics to the majority of our waxed cotton jackets, the Thornproof Wax Cotton on the Beadnell offers a durable and weather-resistant finish.

Features of the Barbour Beadnell Wax Jacket

Built on the foundations and values of the Bedale, the long-lasting and weatherproof Beadnell wax jacket has been carefully constructed to be practical for walks and outdoor activities. Whether you work outside, or simply enjoy exploring what the great outdoors has to offer, the Barbour Beadnell jacket is a sturdy and versatile option that has been crafted to withstand all kinds of outdoor settings.

Adopting many of the iconic features that Barbour waxed jackets have become world-renowned for, the Beadnell is an essential part of this ever-popular collection, having gained status as one of our consistently best-selling staples.

Learn more about the key features of the women’s Beadnell jacket: 

Cut to a feminine silhouette - Carefully cut to a flattering fit, the signature style of the Barbour Beadnell is designed to complement all kinds of everyday outfits and can be worn in a wide for everything from exploring the great outdoors, to commuting, running errands or enjoying a relaxing weekend break.

Designed with our signature tartan inner lining - Drawing inspiration from Barbour’s proud heritage, the Barbour Bedale and the Classic Bedale feature a smart tartan inner lining. The colour of the inner lining changes depending on the outer colour of the jacket, giving each variant its own unique feel.

Multiple storage options - With an increasing number of contemporary clothing and outerwear designs featuring a lack of pockets, it comes as a breath of fresh air and aligns perfectly with Barbour’s brand values that the Beadnell has been constructed with practicality in mind. Featuring a number of spacious pockets made to store all the essentials you need when heading outdoors, the functional design saves the need to bring additional storage options, such as bags, along with you.

Signature corduroy collar - Crafted with a signature sit-down corduroy collar that blends seamlessly with the other colours and shades featured on the women’s Beadnell jacket, this fashion-forward detail is a staple element incorporated in most Barbour waxed jackets. Successfully designed with all the features of the traditional Barbour heritage to create a timeless yet contemporary style, the Beadnell doesn’t compromise on present-day trends but instead embraces them.

Enhancement options - Make the Barbour Beadnell jacket your own with the option to personalise this signature outerwear piece. Designed to enhance the functionality and wearability of this practical jacket, there is a range of detachable hoods and liners available to help prepare you to face the elements in comfort and style.

How to Style the Barbour Beadnell Jacket

A well-established outerwear piece known for its timeless feel and durable nature, the women’s Barbour Beadnell jacket has been made to coordinate with a variety of outfits. Depending on which colour meets your taste preferences, there are many ways you can style this iconic jacket. 

While all colours of the Beadnell are perfect for styling with a pair of staple slim jeans, the Navy, Black and Rustic colours are ideal for contrasting with a cosy Pavilion Knit or an Oatmeal Daffodil Knit.

Additional Beadnell colours, Bark and Sage, may be better suited with darker tones, such as the Winter Mariner Knit. Whichever styling option you wish to follow, you can finish the look with the stylish mid-ankle length Dixie Boots or the high length Alisha Boots.

Barbour Beadnell Reviews

Despite our recommended styling options, there are no strict rules when it comes to the staple Barbour Beadnell wax jacket as it is versatile enough to suit all tastes. Setting a high standard for functionality and style, the Beadnell provides a long-lasting solution that has been crafted to withstand the test of time. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers have to say.

“Lovely as described/ a staple” - Lucie S.

“Excellent jacket purchased for my wife she loves it, just purchased the Betty liner to put in.” - Eric B. 

“Looks and feel’s quality. Very well made and looks really stylish.” - Paula L. 

“It’s a few years since I had one of these, so I’m looking forward to wearing my new one this winter. Those lovely moleskin pockets to warm cold hands! Beautifully made and will last for years.” - Elizabeth C.

“Great coat very fast delivery nicely packaged” - Sarah N.

Find your Beadnell Wax Jacket at Barbour

Whether you’re deciding on your first Barbour Jacket, or you’re well-versed on the quality of our wax jackets and are looking to add to your collection, the Barbour Beadnell is available in a variety of sought-after colours. A highly versatile piece that offers endless styling options, shop this signature women’s wax jacket online and discover the perfect colour to match your style.

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