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The next instalment of Barbour International Unlocked sees us sit down with Welsh-born presenter and general tastemaker, Sian Eleri. You may recognise Sian for her far-reaching passion for music, experienced firsthand on Radio 1's The Chillest Show and Power Down Playlist.

Sian shares her strategies on uncovering emerging artists, and the roots of her own passion for music. Find out more...


"I took so much pride in that little thing I could call my own."​ - Sian Eleri

From a 14-year-old attending the big weekend in Bangor, to Radio 1 Presenter and documentary maker - Sian’s love for platforming raw up-and-coming talent on her shows reflects her journey to getting behind the mic.


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First up, it's Sheffield-born artist Corbin Shaw, a progressive creative harnessing his own experience to create meaningful art.

Here's what went down in our first B.Intl booth interview. 

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