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Barbour’s long relationship with waxed cotton began back in 1894 when founder John Barbour opened a shop in the Market Place in South Shields in the North East of England selling practical and hard-wearing oilskins providing protection from the worst of the North Sea weather. 

From the Bedale, the Beaufort and the Border, the three jackets that made Barbour a household name in the 1980s to the more recent additions of the Beadnell, Ashby, Corbridge and Sapper, these classic all-round styles continue to be much loved best sellers that will never let you down.

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  1. Barbour Beaufort® Wax Jacket
    Barbour Beaufort® Wax Jacket
  2. Barbour Bedale® Wax Jacket
    Barbour Bedale® Wax Jacket
  3. Barbour Beadnell® Wax Jacket
    Barbour Beadnell® Wax Jacket
  4. Barbour Sapper Wax Jacket
    Barbour Sapper Wax Jacket
  5. Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket
    Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket
  6. Barbour Border® Wax Jacket
    Barbour Border® Wax Jacket

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Wax For Life

Barbour waxed cotton is perfect for modern life and when properly looked after, can last for many years and plenty of adventures. Wax for Life brings together our unique services designed so that you can take perfect care of your beloved wax companion, after over a century of rewax and repair services. Care for your jacket at home and discover more about our sustainability initiatives here.

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Repairs, Alterations & Re-waxing

Globally, over 60,000 wax jackets are re-waxed and repaired through our special service that allows our customers to take their beloved Barbour jacket at any time to be re-waxed, repaired or altered. We recommend that you re-wax your jacket annually depending on wear and use.

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Barbour Re-Loved

Ready to give your wax jacket a new home? We take old jackets that you no longer have a use for, in exchange for a voucher to redeem against a new Barbour jacket. Your old jacket will then be laundered, repaired and rejuvenated at Barbour’s home in South Shields to be sold on, ready for a new adventure.

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Discover the Stories Behind the Jackets


Men’s Wax Jackets: A Guide to Barbour Jacket Styles

A collection that grows more and more iconic with every passing year, the signature range of men’s waxed jackets from Barbour has developed a reputation for being the ultimate quintessential British outerwear. 

A Look at the Iconic Bedale Barbour Jacket

The Barbour Bedale has become a signature item in our collection of waxed jackets. Lightweight, stylish and versatile, it’s not hard to see why the Bedale has become so popular among Barbour wearers over the years. 

A Look at the Iconic Barbour Beadnell Jacket

A popular addition to our selection of iconic women’s waxed jackets, the Barbour Beadnell is cut to a flattering feminine silhouette while featuring a timeless heritage-inspired feel with its luxurious and authentic tartan inner lining.

A Look at the Iconic Ashby Barbour Jacket

A contemporary take on the iconic Bedale jacket, the Ashby jacket has quickly become a quintessential part of the Barbour waxed jacket collection. Emblematic of the classic Barbour style, the Ashby is an ideal year-round garment.

Women’s Top Five Must-Haves for the Season

Creating the perfect autumn look is all about getting the essentials right it’s not about reinventing yourself, but rather building up your collection of personal style choices. So, we asked our own Head of Womenswear, Nicola, to give us her top 5 must-haves for autumn so that you can build a timeless seasonal wardrobe that you’ll still love for years to come.


“Perfect for layering up or wearing on its own, the Bredon Shirt’s minimalist tartan brings a subtle and versatile pattern to your wardrobe.”


Decorated in our signature tartan, this staple is the perfect choice for any smart-casual outfit, with a decorated design for a subtle feminie silhouette.


Barbour Bredon Shirt $64.95

Meet Fee Greening and Martha Ward

The second autumn/winter collection with fashion brand, ALEXACHUNG, sees the introduction of new country-inspired garments based on pieces from Barbour's archive, as well as a seasonal evolution of styles, reimagined through the ALEXACHUNG lens.

To celebrate the launch, we're getting to know Illustrator Fee Greening, and Fashion Director/Stylist Martha Ward, to find out where they get their inspiration, and how they wear the collection.

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Barbour Must-Haves

Inspired by the beaty of autumn/winter, this season’s Must-Haves collection provides an effortless way to build a signature capsule wardrobe. Featuring classics such as our iconic waxed jackets, alongside chunky knitwear, cozy-chic dresses, relaxed trousers and dog patterned shirts and go-to tees, this latest drop has everything you need to syau seasonally stylish during the colder months.


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