Barbour Re-loved

Barbour Re-Loved was first introduced in 2019 and was built to encourage customers to return their Barbour waxed jackets, that are no longer used, in exchange for a voucher to redeem against a new jacket. The jackets that are handed over to us are then upcycled or recycled to give them a new lease of life and sold on to be re-loved in a new home.

How Barbour Re-loved Works

With Barbour Re-loved, you can recycle your old Barbour wax jacket and receive a £50 voucher for a new one. Simply hand in your jacket at one of our selected stores to receive your voucher. Read our terms and conditions for participating stores.

Step 1 

Head to your closest Barbour store

Step 2

Hand in your wax jacket to receive your voucher

Step 3

We will re-love and re-home your jacket

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