Quilt Repair Service


If your favourite Barbour quilt is looking a little careworn and has a rip or a tear, however big or small or needs a new zip or studs, we offer a very special service through our factory team in South Shields to restore and renew your quilted jacket so you can continue to wear it with pride. And, while it’s with us, if you would also like it refreshed, we offer a cleaning service so your jacket can return home looking as good as new. This service is currently for UK only.

*Please note that our comprehensive quilt repair service is for Barbour quilted garments only. The majority of quilt repair services are possible on diamond and baffle quilt styles.  Where possible, we will also repair your onion quilt, however please note that these are more complex in construction so cannot always be repaired to the same level.  Please read our terms and conditions linked below before ordering.

Front Repair Options

Small Front Panel Repair

Large Front Panel Repair

Pocket Repair

Zip Repair

Back Repair Options

Small Back Panel Repair

Large Back Panel Repair

Sleeve Repair Options

Lining Repair Options

Inner Lining Patch Repair

Cleaning - Only Available With Repairs

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