How to style a Barbour jacket

How to style a Barbour jacket


The world of fashion and its ever changing trends can be hard to keep up with, yet the signature style of Barbour jackets remain a constant staple, adored by many across the globe. The beauty of these timeless pieces is that their versatility can be used to create both contemporary and classic outfits suited for a range of occasions. 

If you’re in need of some inspiration on what to wear with a Barbour jacket,  you can discover new ways of curating on-trend outfits with our latest style guide below. 

Women’s Barbour Jacket Outfit Ideas

Barbour jackets are designed with functionality in mind with no compromise on style. Suited for everyday use whether you’re exploring the most remote parts of nature or the most bustling cities, each jacket features iconic detailing to emulate the original design values rooted in our brand. 

Our waxed jackets are paradigmatic of timeless fashion trends and continue to be used in outfits of all styles to create something unforgettable. Available in a range of styles and colours to suit individual preferences, our waxed jackets are a popular choice when it comes to finding year-round wardrobe staples.

How to style a Barbour wax jacket 

The versatility of Barbour waxed jackets provides numerous options to create varying styles from classic outdoor aesthetics to modern fashion trends, and the ways to style your jacket will differ depending on the type of jacket you choose. We take pride in this versatility and lean towards looks that incorporate the perfect balance between classic and modern to create stand-out timeless looks.

The Barbour Beadnell Waxed Jacket is the perfect example of this balance. Known as one of our most recognisable styles ever since its introduction to our waxed jacket collection in 2010, this feminine take on the signature Bedale waxed jacket embodies our outdoor aesthetic. Crafted from traditional Thornproof waxed cotton with our iconic corduroy collar and classic tartan lining, the Beadnell is a versatile, all-season jacket that can be enhanced with zip-in liners and hoods for an adaptable look.

The Barbour Kenmore T-Shirt (coming soon) is the perfect companion for styling with a waxed jacket. Featuring subtle cursive logo embroidery on the chest, the Kenmore is a staple for all-year-round wear. This simple crew neck design offers versatility to your edit and is perfect for layering across the seasons. The Barbour Burne Straight Jeans round off this contemporary casual look and can be paired with trainers or boots. We recommend the Celeste Trainers to complete the look. This lace-up style offers comfort all day long whilst ensuring the fine line between smart and casual is met, creating an outfit that can be worn to almost any occasion. 

Barbour Beadnell Waxed JacketBarbour Beadnell Waxed Jacket
Barbour Kenmore T-ShirtBarbour Kenmore T-Shirt

Barbour Burne Mid-Rise Straight JeansBarbour Burne Mid-Rise Straight Jeans
Barbour Celeste TrainersBarbour Celeste Trainers

Styling your jacket with knitwear

A longline quilted jacket is the perfect accomplice for knitwear. The Mayfield Quilted Jacket features elasticated cuffs and a drawstring waist to allow you to lock in the warmth while the oversized hood offers protection from light drizzle. A chunky knit sweater in the winter or a thin cardigan in the spring may be a good option. The woodlane cable-knit jumper creates a cosy look that complements any colour variation of the jacket.

To curate an effortlessly chic and on-trend look, finish the outfit with the Adela wide-leg trousers and Norma loafers. This outfit ensures you have the perfect smart-casual look to see you through the season.

Barbour Mayfield Quilted JacketBarbour Mayfield Quilted Jacket
Barbour Woodlane Knitted JumperBarbour Woodlane Knitted Jumper

Barbour Adela Wide-Leg TrousersBarbour Adela Wide-Leg Trousers
Barbour Norma LoafersBarbour Norma Loafers

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Men’s Barbour Jacket Outfit Ideas

Styling a men’s waxed jacket

A waxed jacket can be used to curate an unapologetically distinguished look. The Classic Beaufort Jacket embodies a timeless country aesthetic and looks exceptional when classically styled. Despite the jacket channelling the original Barbour ethos of creating a practical piece suited to life in the country, the Beaufort can also be worn in the city. To achieve a perfectly balanced outfit that is versatile and can be worn anywhere, you could pair the Beaufort with a Harthorpe tailored shirt, in a tattersall check and the Chesterwood Work Trousers. We like to finish off the country-inspired look with the Granite ankle boots too.

Barbour Classic Beaufort Wax JacketBarbour Classic Beaufort Wax Jacket
Barbour Harthorpe Tailored ShirtBarbour Harthorpe Tailored Shirt

Barbour Chesterwood Work TrousersBarbour Chesterwood Work Trousers
Barbour Granite Ankle BootsBarbour Granite Ankle Boots

How do you style a Barbour quilted jacket?

A quilted jacket can be the perfect addition to a contemporary casual outfit. The sophisticated textured quilting can transform an ordinary outfit into something timeless with a premium touch. 

A monochrome colour palette makes for a modern look, and opting for a versatile navy rather than black provides a unique take on this trend. Set the tone of the outfit with the Barbour Chelsea Sportsquilt Jacket. Built for the outdoors, this jacket is crafted from a soft-touch polyester fabric with a diamond quilted wadding for exceptional, lightweight warmth. Its versatile navy blue can be matched with a multitude of colours but looks exceptionally good when paired with the Avoch half-zip jumper for a pop of seasonal colour. Paired with the Essential Ripstop cargo trousers for a modern look and the Barbour Lago trainers for practical yet contemporary finish.

Barbour Chelsea Sportsquilt JacketBarbour Chelsea Sportsquilt Jacket
Barbour Avoch Half-Zip JumperBarbour Avoch Half-Zip Jumper

Barbour Essential Ripstop Cargo TrousersBarbour Essential Ripstop Cargo Trousers
Barbour Lago TrainersBarbour Lago Trainers

Style your own Barbour jacket

When it comes to how to wear a Barbour jacket, there are no rules. Opt for muted colours or bold and innovative designs, however you want to express your style - do it with Barbour. 

If you’re unsure which Barbour jacket to buy or want to draw further inspiration from our full collection, find the full range of jackets for men or jackets for women online. Alternatively, if you’re looking to further venture into creating new and unique looks, browse our selection of accessories.

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