Barbour International Bags


Make a statement this season with the new range of Barbour International bags. Six distinct characters, unique in shape and form, are named after iconic areas of London that capture each bag’s personality and style.  You will never have to wonder to yourself - will quilted bags go out of style? As these bags are designed to take you from day to night, and everywhere in between, it’s the #BadgeOfAnOriginal.



This season we're adding something new to our Barbour International bag range.  Find the perfect compliment to your spring/summer look with our bag range in classic white. See how stylist Georgia Medley has elevated her look with the Battersea tote bag in stunning white and gold tones.


From statement-making straps. To fashion-forward shapes. Named after six iconic London areas; Soho, Sloane, Battersea, Uxbridge, Hoxton and Fenchurch. Each bag has been designed with functionality in mind with versatile features to fit any occasion. Whether it's the Battersea for an oversized black quilted bag, or something more understated, Explore below to find which bag is the one for you.



  1. Qualify Backpack
    Qualify Backpack
  2. Qualify Crossbody Bag
    Qualify Crossbody Bag
  3. Boulevard Reversible Bucket Hat
    Boulevard Reversible Bucket Hat
  4. Norton Sports Cap
    Norton Sports Cap
  5. Quilted Make-Up Pouch
    Quilted Make-Up Pouch
  6. Aurora Card Holder
    Aurora Card Holder
  7. Aurora Lace-Up Ankle Boots
    Aurora Lace-Up Ankle Boots
  8. Comet Chelsea Boots
    Comet Chelsea Boots
  9. Qualify Crossbody Bag
    Qualify Crossbody Bag
  10. Norton Sports Cap
    Norton Sports Cap