Barbour's Guide to Knitwear

Explore Barbour's knitwear collection to add a layer of style this Spring/Summer season. From cosy cables to smart cashmere staples, our knitwear collection will equip you for every endeavour - so you can stay stylish and comfortable no matter the occasion.

Find your perfect style by learning more about how our knitwear is constructed from materials and fabrics to weights and stitch techniques. From fair isles to cables, there's something for every man. Learn more below and shop your favourite styles in our ultimate guide to knitwear.

Stitch Types Explained.

Cosy up with us and learn all about the different stitch types you'll find in our collection of knitwear.

  • Jersey stitch


    The most common stitch which creates a stretchy but stable fabric.

  • Cable Stitch


    Traditional designs and textures knitted into the fabric.

  • Fair isle stitch

    Fair isle

    Signature patterns and styles knitted in a Fair Isle design.

  • Rib knit stitch

    Rib knit

    The flatter rib stitch is used to hold warmth.

  • Intarsia


    Design is knitted directly into the fabric

  • Half cardigan stitch

    Half cardigan

    A chunky rib stitch, also used to hold warmth.

  • Moss stitch


    A traditional stitch technique that has good structure and warmth.

Weights of Knitwear

"GG" Refers to the weight of the finished knit. the higher the gauge, the finer the piece will be.


Materials and Fabric

Lambswool, merino and cashmere. Discover which knit fabric is right for you and how they differ.



As its name says - this wool is from lambs. A younger sheep provides soft, fine wool and generally comes from a lamb's first shearing. As they age, a sheep’s wool becomes coarser and thicker, turning into ‘sheep’s wool’.


• Soft to the touch and easy to wear.

• Naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

• Breathable yet extremely warm. Great for cooler weather.

• Retains shape well making it great for hats and gloves and incredibly durable.


Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is an ultra-soft fabric that incorporates long cotton fibres, making it a more premium fabric which has a softer handle and is longer lasting.


• Incredibly durable - easy to wash and wear.

• More breathable than heavier wool jumpers, helps to stop sweat or overheating.

• Lighter weight and yet extremely warm, with a smooth soft finish.



Merino wool comes from a specific breed of highland sheep - Merino sheep, famed for some of the softest and finest fleeces.


• Super soft to the touch and skin. Finer than Lambswool.

• Very strong and durable made from Merino fibres.

• Great warmth-to-weight ratio - meaning the wool retains body temperature, keeping you warn in winter and cooler in hot weather.


Cashmere Blends

Cashmere wool is sourced from a breed of goat with very little fat that protects them from the cold, so they develop incredibly soft fleecy fibres underneath their coats to keep warm. It is these super soft fibres which are used to create cashmere wool.

• Cashmere is hailed as one of the most luxurious soft wools.

• One of the softest wools to touch and on the skin.

• Barbour creates knitwear blends with a percentage of cashmere. Using additional cotton or alternative wool means that the clothing is easy to wash and much more durable than something that is 100% cashmere.

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