The Badge Of An Original is the mark of originality at its finest. Black and yellow, our roundel is instantly recognisable. It’s more than just the clothes on your back...

It's the #BadgeOfAnOriginal.


It’s the lettering artist,

the spoken-word poet,

the musician.


With a modern rewrite of our motorcycling heritage, Barbour International is taking the spirit of originality into the future. With precise detailing and bold personality,  the badge of the original is worn by strong, self-assured individuals carving their own path.


Meet the Originals


To celebrate the #BadgeOfAnOriginal this season, we met three inspiring individuals paving their way in their niches: lettering artist Luke Smile, spoken-word poet Chloe Carterr & musician Ayman Sinada. Read on below to find out about how originality shapes them.


Chloe Carter - Spoken Word Poet


Chloe first immersed herself in poetry in school, and throughout her journey, she learnt that her fear of performing was exactly what she needed to embrace and harness, to own the stage.
This authenticity and self-reflection is what makes Chloe the artist she is today, as she explores powerful topics around love, family, race and inequality. Chloe believes that staying true to one’s self is a crucial part of being creative.


Luke Smile - Lettering Artist


Known for his instantly recognisable typography designs, Luke captures attention via his bold prints, colourful murals, and experimentation with textures. After almost pursuing a music career, his true passion lay in design and creating memorable pieces, however, song lyrics continue to infiltrate and inspire his artwork. Luke leaves his own mark across his work in the form of his signature smiley. 


Ayman Sinada - Musician


Who said you have to pick just one genre and stick to it? Ayman mixes it up across jazz, afrobeat and prog rock, creating distinctive rhythms and sounds including the background track to our latest Badge of an Original campaign. Ayman’s passion started with the drums at 11 years old and today he also plays guitar whilst also producing and collaborating with other musicians he admires. 



The Barbour International community is a place to showcase your originality and inner confidence. Please get involved by sharing your photos styling Barbour International, using our hashtag #BadgeofAnOriginal and tag us on @Barbourinternational. 



Inspired by our rich motorcycling heritage, our range has evolved into modern interpretations and style staples that fit a contemporary wardrobe. Explore the latest men's and women's collections to find your original style.


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    Haise Midi Dress
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  12. Piquet Rib-Knit Jumper
    Piquet Rib-Knit Jumper
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