Barbour Waxed Jackets

Barbour waxed jackets have been a staple of British style for generations. From the country to the city, discover these timeless designs, accompanied by seasonal interpretations for a more contemporary look... 

New Arrivals
  1. Barbour Dobel Casual Jacket
    Barbour Dobel Casual Jacket
    From $250.00
  2. Barbour Croft Short Sleeve Summer Shirt
    Barbour Croft Short Sleeve Summer Shirt
    From $100.00
  3. Barbour Otterburn Polo Shirt
    Barbour Otterburn Polo Shirt
    From $75.00
  4. Barbour Durnage Crew Sweatshirt
    Barbour Durnage Crew Sweatshirt
    From $130.00
  5. Barbour Willowherb Denim Jacket
    Barbour Willowherb Denim Jacket
    From $160.00
  6. Barbour Beacons T-Shirt
    Barbour Beacons T-Shirt
    From $40.00
  7. Barbour Baymouth Shirt
    Barbour Baymouth Shirt
    From $140.00
  8. Barbour Sea Daisy Dress
    Barbour Sea Daisy Dress
    From $150.00
  9. Barbour Asha Trainers
    Barbour Asha Trainers
    From $160.00

The Barbour Way of Life

Discover more about the Barbour Way of Life and get inspired to make the most of life's simple pleasures, and the great outdoors.

  • Supporting the British Countryside with the National Trust

    We are delighted to announce that we’re partnering with the National Trust to plant 10,000 trees and help fund the clean-up and restoration efforts at three North East sites.

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  • Barbour Way of Life Competition

    However you're celebrating the #BarbourWayOfLife this season, we'd love to share in your special memories.

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  • Festival Outfit Ideas and Essentials for 2022

    Take a look through our festival favourites and get ready to enjoy the best of the British festival season.

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  • Barkbour: The Story Behind Our Illustrated Snoopy Sculpture

    We’re proudly sponsoring ‘A Dog’s Trail', which paws its way across the city of Cardiff with specially designed sculptures of the beloved Snoopy.

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  • A Look at the Iconic Ashby Barbour Jacket

    Originally designed as a modernised take on the classic Bedale, the Barbour Ashby jacket has taken on a life of its own, find out more by clicking below.

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Celebrating 100 Years of Sustainability

Barbour waxed cotton is perfect for modern life and when properly looked after, can last for many years and plenty of adventures.

Wax for Life brings together three unique services, our Barbour Repair & Re-wax service, My Barbour that allows you to customise and build your very own Barbour Bedale, Beaufort or Beadnell jacket, and our Barbour Re-Loved Programme.

Barbour Way Of Life

We love seeing how you and your loved ones are living #BarbourWayOfLife. Share your photos using the hashtag #BarbourWayOfLife for your chance to be featured.