Barbour DryWax Re-proofing StickIDUAC0145WH11

White - UAC0145WH11

ABOUT THE Barbour DryWax Re-proofing Stick

The dry wax reproofing stick is a must-have for maintaining dry wax Barbour jackets. Barbour dry wax is a highly water resistant and hard wearing coating. Use the bar to strengthen areas of the jacket that get the most wear.

For traditional wax products please see Thornproof Dressing and to find out more about Dry wax visit our Dry wax hub.

  • Strengthen areas that get most wear
  • Weight: 76g
  • Restore dry wax functionality to waxed jackets
  • Follow the instructions on the bar to re-wax your dry wax Barbour Jacket
  • Check the labelling within the garment to ascertain the type of wax treatment required