Decorating the Perfect Holiday Tree with Carly Heitlinger

For the next installment of our #BarbourHolidays blog series, we enlisted the help of Carly of The College Prepster to show us how to select and decorate the ideal Christmas tree.

November 22nd 2016

We were delighted to join renowned fashion blogger, Carly Heitlinger for her first experience decorating her own tree without assistance from her mother. Although she has many family memories and traditions, she was starting from scratch with decorations.

Before selecting the tree, she decided on a “woodland creature” theme and spent her Sunday gathering decorations.

“The result is always worth the effort,” she says. “It makes it even more satisfying to flip the tree lights on, dim the room, stand back and admire the work.”

Sporting the winter-ready Barbour Brae Wax Parka layered with the Barbour Mallow Knit, Carly topped off her look with the Barbour Maybole Beanie and visited a local farm to find the perfect tree, taking in the evergreen scent and crisp air.

Straying from her perfectionist nature, she prefers a tree with personality. “Maybe a little lopsided or a hole somewhere or kooky branches... Those are the trees that speak to me the most!”

Once home, Carly began to organize ornaments by category. She filled the tree with gold pinecones, berries and glass bulbs whilst enjoying holiday music- a must for seasonal decorating.

Then came the best decorations: woodland creatures like foxes, squirrels and owls. Found at Reynolds Farms in Norwalk, Connecticut, “they have the best personalities,” she says. One tip: keep these adorable ornaments out of reach from pets who will want to play!

Topped with a rustic star and accompanied by a plush white skirt, the tree is sure to bring joy to Carly’s home this season. “There are no words for how happy having a decorated tree in the apartment makes me,” she says.


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