Barbour Repair and Re-wax

We offer a very special service that allows our customers to return their beloved Barbour jacket* at any time to be re-waxed, repaired or altered. We recommend that you re-wax your jacket annually depending on wear and use a small re-wax for accessories which include waxed cotton hoods, belts and dog coats.

If you’re local to a Barbour store or participating partner, stop by and we will send in your jacket to our repair facilities for an evaluation where the repair team will contact you about your jacket.

If you’d like send a waxed garment for servicing by mail, please print and complete our garment return form below, highlighting which repairs are required and send your jacket to us with your payment clearly marked for the attention of 'Repair Department'.

Step 1


Print and complete the form below.

Fill out the form at the end of this page, and indicate which repairs you would like us to perform on your garment and click the button at the bottom to print it out.

We only re-wax waxed cotton. 

*In most cases, we can successfully repair and re-wax a wax garment, however, some items are beyond repair because they are too damaged or are outside of our allocated time to provide and complete a repair. If this applies to your wax garment our customer service team will contact you and return your garment. For more information about this service, please visit our FAQ's page.


Step 2


Prepare your jacket and send to us.

Put your waxed garment in a secure package with the printed form and the below address clearly on the front. 

For repairs and re-waxing:

Barbour Inc.
Attn: Repair Dept
315 Cassell Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27107

[email protected]

Other enquires (non-wax garments):

US Barbour Customer Services
[email protected]

Step 3


We'll give your wax garment some TLC

On receipt of your garment, our inspection team will confirm if the re-wax or alteration request can be processed and if so, our Customer Service team will provide you with a quote to be paid over the phone via credit card or by check in the mail with the item(s). Once payment has been made we will do our best to have your re-wax completed within two weeks and your repair or alteration completed within four weeks.

Re-waxing may initially change the appearance of your jacket giving it a darker colour and sheen finish. With wear, the appearance of your garment will change.


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