All in the Detail

All in the Detail

An introduction to the Beacon Heritage collection in collaboration with Tokihito

For the fifth season, the Beacon Heritage range is designed by Tokihito Yoshida, creating a collection rich in Barbour tradition with a fresh, modern twist.

Japanese designer, Tokihito Yoshida’s attraction to England was sparked from an early age, when his father returned from training in the UK with a toy car and a picture book of life in the country. The stories impressed the young seven-year-old, but he had no idea that one day he’d be designing his own range for one of the UK’s most loved heritage brands.

Inspired by his love of the British countryside, Tokihito’s designs incorporate the detailing he’s renowned for – zip-off hoods, waterproof map pockets, and trench coat vents, that transform into culottes. As if the little details aren’t enough, Tokihito tells us “the Spey Fishing jacket is one of the most complex and challenging jackets I have ever designed. It has over 240 pattern pieces.” But it’s more than just impressive pattern cutting, he says, “it is a jacket that you can enjoy wearing and spend time discovering.”

Functional extras are a playground for the designer – “I always try to give meaning to pockets or details. I like a jacket that has bag functions so you don’t have to carry [one]”.

But don’t let the high-spec designs and detailing throw you off. Tokihito ensures each design keeps what he calls ‘the British silhouette.’ Soft but sturdy knitwear with distinctive button pockets, celebrate a countryside camouflage of olives, greys, reds and navys.

Tokihito Fishing
Tokihito practices fishing wearing his Barbour Spey Fishing Jacket in Osawa hot spring in the Shimoda area, Japan.

Meanwhile the Scott, Oates and Shackelton jackets enjoy a new stylish lease of life in traditional tweed.

But while the buzz persists about the Beacon Heritage range among the fashion squad,  Tokihito teases that his favourite item will always be the same: “my Barbour Durham jacket, which I’ve been wearing for 30 years.”

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