Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethical Trading Statement

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J Barbour & Sons Ltd (Barbour) is committed to the welfare and health and safety of all its employees and suppliers and to delivering socially and environmentally responsible products to its customers.

The Chairman and the Board of Directors recognise the importance and implications of health & safety, employee & supplier welfare and environmental issues. It is Barbour’s policy that all reasonably practicable steps will be taken to protect its employees, customers, contractors and any other persons who enter its premises or the premises of its suppliers, wherever they are situated. Barbour welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate Barbour’s continued commitment to these standards in the following Ethical Trading Statement.

Ethical Trading Statement October 2017 >

Barbour will work together and consult with appropriate public Authorities and relevant organisations to ensure that all legislation, policies and standards are adhered to, whether they relate to social, environmental, health & safety or welfare issues.

It is Barbour’s aim to continuously review and improve the company’s environmental performance and to prevent and minimise, wherever practicable, any environmental impact. Barbour meets the requirements of all environmental legislation and the sustainability standards of being a holder of three Royal Warrants.