By Merry Michau

This custom Yamaha sports the Cafe Racer style - but with some elements of a street tracker - this one’s had a major overhaul. It started its life as a very different looking bike; as do most cafe racers. The tank (an old BSA) was bought at an Auto Jumble. When fitted, it was then altered with cut-outs, leak tested and sprayed up. When it comes to modifications this girl has them all. She’s tricked out with a purpose built new swinging arm and wheels, brakes, vintage style seat, rear sets; to be honest the list is endless. I love how the paint work is applied here, completely matte in finish and very tactile to touch. The 72 is best suited to urban landscapes, or after-dark jaunts blasting around the town.

Style With...

Very much a man’s ride, it doesn’t need a lot of fussing. The style is distinct and simple. The Rainton Waterproof Jacket is super light and breathable whilst maintaining the traditional Biker look. The Kilby Polo has a classic, retro feel that looks great with black jeans and the Pelton Waxed Jacket.