By Merry Michau

I've chosen this peculiar Moto Guzzi as one of my top fives as it’s not an old bike so you can really rely on it as an everyday ride. I adore the bike fairing the most, often finding that it reminds me of the older Mv Augusta race bikes - that feel of nostalgia harping back to days gone by. This bike truly is a modern twist on an old Cafe Racer classic.

Its Moto Gadget speedo helps keep the lines of the Moto Guzzi clean. As a ride she’s smooth, cornering beautifully, and is tons faster than I thought she would be. The V7 Racer captures freedom in so many ways and is for sure a rolling piece of art. Bike building always yields good days and bad days, but it’s always a good day when you fire her up as the sun shines upon you.


Style With...

Beat those Spring showers with the Ouston Waxed Jacket. You’ll be thankful for its timeless functionality and a chance to re-live the nostalgia of the cafe racer lifestyle every time you zip up. Ladies layer up with the Chatton Knit, a vintage-inspired jumper available in a midnight blue.