By Merry Michau

While the newer modern customs we’ve already looked at are reliable and durable, it’s still necessary to honour the older generations of Cafe Racer. Here with the CB550 we have the best of both worlds. It looks like a classic but houses modern technology and suspension.

The original bike is a 1977 Honda highly modified to suit the modern rider’s needs. The beautiful old motor and frame are both very mechanical and straight forward; easy to work with. An electronic gauge and gorgeous LED headlight adds a modern and economic twist to an already sweet setup. It has sleek lines, remains pretty small and light, and the electric-finish paintwork really makes it pop. This is a spritely bike to be ridden on longer journeys, fun, very cool but still comfortable. Being so versatile it lends itself to young and old riders alike.


Style With...

Another ride you don’t need to over complicate. The dark chrome set against gleaming blue speaks for itself. Steve McQueen jeans remain the staple, paired with a laid back t-shirt for effortless style and comfort.