Café Racer // Custom Triton

By Merry Michau

This Triton Cafe Racer just embodies cool. It’s generally assumed that Triton are just a singular make of bike. However closer inspection of the overall package reveals that the Triton is born from a mix of two bikes - the Norton frame and a Triumph engine. A popular choice for this combination was the Triumph Bonneville engine. The aim was to combine the best elements of each famed attempt and gain a bike superior to both.

This king of Cafe Racers also shares a name with the mythological Greek god. I love the bare metal that reflects almost its entire surroundings and gleams in the sun. Of all the Cafe Racers, for me, this is the most classic looking. You can just see the rocker boys tearing through the streets of Brighton in the 60’s. Despite its masculine beefiness, women could just as well look stylish and commanding on the back of one of these.

Style With

For women, a fitted jacket teamed with a pair of skinny jeans would contrast the bulky tank and angular frame. All that would be left to find is a pair of shades as we head into warmer months and brighter times.

Stealth Zip Thru