A visit to Scarborough and Whitby

We took a trip to the glorious shores of Scarborough and Whitby for the perfect Autumn walk.

November 4th 2013

Scarborough, located on the east coast in North Yorkshire, was the first ever British seaside resort with a rich history of welcoming holidaymakers for over 360 years. The town is dominated by the remains of the castle, which has played host to Kings and Queens and early settlers including the Romans. Scarborough’s claim to be the first seaside spa was first cited by a discovery made in c.1625. The spring waters and their medicinal properties quickly became the town’s gold rush, with the gentry and well-to-do flocking to Scarborough to ‘take the water’.

Whitby is a seaside town and port in the borough of Scarborough. The stark brooding ruins of Whitby Abbey have a spectacular setting on the cliff top, looking down to the port and can be reached by a steep flight of 199 steps. These steps, the abbey ruins and graveyard all feature in Bram Stoker’s horror novel ‘Dracula’.

The fishing port was developed in the middle ages and became well known for its herring fleets. Today it remains as a working port and herrings are still smoked over oak to produce kippers.

The most famous association with this seaside town is Captain Cook. He learned his seamanship at Whitby and all 4 of his ships of exploration were built here. This is celebrated with a Memorial Museum, set in a house where Cook once lodged and a commemorative statue of the man himself, which surveys the lively harbour.

You can find out more about this beautiful area at www.discoveryorkshirecoast.com