Shirt Department: Every Gentleman Should Own a Country Check Shirt by Editor-in-Chief of British GQ

Dylan Jones Editor-In-Chief of British GQ and chairman of London Fashion Week Men’s, celebrates the launch of our AW17 Shirt Department with a guest blog…

September 10th 2017
Like many men, I tend to have a completely different wardrobe for the country. In town, during the week, I tend to be suited and booted, stitched up in navy with a pair of polished Oxfords and a pocket square. In fact, I've almost become regimental in what I wear in the city.
About a month before each season of London Fashion Week Men's, I am often approached by a journalist from an international territory. They always ask very well researched and pertinent questions regarding the schedule. And at the end of the interview they invariably ask me what my "style regime" is, and I always answer in the same way. "Well, every day I get up, have a shower and put on a blue suit."
In the country it's a different matter completely. Again like many men I tend to keep a completely separate wardrobe out of town, so that when I arrive in my country hideaway late on a Friday night, I can just swap my suit trousers for a pair of jeans, moleskins or cords, and replace my city shirt with something far more casual - could be a fleece, could be a cashmere v-neck, but more than likely it will be a country check shirt.
Now, while I've occasionally worn one in town, to me they make most sense when worn under a wax jacket as I'm climbing into the Land Rover to scoot into the local village, looking for a pint of milk or - more usually - some fire-lighters. I like to be fairly traditional when I'm in the country.

I've got a ton of country check shirts in what I laughably call my country wardrobe, but predictably I tend to always wear the same one. I've got a ton of jackets in the country, half a dozen pairs of Wellington, and just as many boots, but we all have favorites, and as I am a creature of habit, I will more than likely fling on the things I always wear, which includes a country check shirt. It goes with everything and always seems to be the appropriate thing to wear, whether I'm clomping over the mountains, shopping in the village, trying to reverse out of a ditch, or indeed going to dinner in the next valley. In fact, I'm actually wearing it right now.
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