Savile Row Society Meet Barbour's Jim Rood

Savile Row Society sat down with one of our long serving New York sales representatives - Jim Rood, to learn what the season holds for Barbour.

January 7th 2015

With a unique, premium personal shopping platform, Savile Row Society offers an exclusive experience for men looking to wear the latest trends in quality brands.  Savile Row Society Head Stylist and Content Strategist, Minnie Romanovich, along with Fashion Manager, Andrea Luongo, sat down for a conversation with Jim on a crisp winter morning at Barbour’s flagship showroom in Manhattan’s Midtown West neighborhood.

MR: How long have you been with Barbour?
JR: I’ve been with Barbour for twelve years – it’s a great company to work for; they make a good product, wonderful co-workers, [they] have been around for a hundred and twenty years so they must be doing something right!

MR: What does your typical work day look like?
JR: That’s a really good question – depends on the time of the year. During the Booking Seasons my schedule is packed tight with as many as six to eight appointments in a single day. Because our showroom operates on a strictly appointment only basis, there are days when things are more low-key; that’s when I focus on internal housekeeping – make sure the showroom is presentable, tidy up, do the back office stuff, go through inventory, etc.

MR: What are the Booking Seasons for Barbour?
JR: We begin showing Autumn/Winter collections in December, and Spring/Summer collections in June. We are always previewing our upcoming collections seven to eight months prior to hitting the stores. So, in December 2014, we are showing collections for A/W 2015, and in June 2015, we will be showing collections for S/S 2016.

MR: What’s new and exciting with Barbour for the coming year? We’d love to hear more about what to expect for SS15 and AW15.
JR: Barbour’s big emphasis for the upcoming season is telling design stories that focus on Barbour being a lifestyle brand. It is all about the fact that we offer everything from outerwear to quilting to knitwear to accessories, and even have a line for pets – we have a complete dog accessory line. Dog beds, dog coats, and so on.

MR: In menswear as well as womenswear, you have Barbour Heritage, Barbour International, Barbour Sporting, and Barbour Lifestyle. Could you tell us the distinct features of these lines?
JR: We basically break it down into three stories: Classic/Sporting story, Lifestyle story, and Heritage story. 
Heritage products are built around our slimmest fit block – geared towards a young, fashion-forward customer who likes to wear a fitted silhouette. Very often there are fashion collaborations we do in that silhouette such as Pantone, Land Rover, White Mountaineering. Our Lifestyle segment is a modified or tailored fit block; while not extremely fitted like the Heritage products, the Lifestyle line is exactly as the name suggests – to celebrate a certain type of lifestyle. A contemporary aesthetic but with tailored details.  The Classic line and Sporting line are among our roomiest, “fit-for-purpose” clothing collections. Originally designed as shooting jackets and riding jackets, the products needed to have a full range of motions, leading to a design that’s geared towards manoeuvrability and as such, is of more generous proportions.
In terms of fit – not sizing, mind you, just fit – Classic is the roomiest, Lifestyle is a modernized version of Classic, and Heritage is the slimmest fit block.  We also edit our collections to include various palettes, textures, and colors to cater a variety of demographics; from a 2-year old to an 85-year old, we have something for everyone. One of the things I love about working for this company is how the brand is always adapting itself to modern times while still staying true to its origin.