Sam Heughan Signature Collection - Q&A

Sam Heughan answers your questions about his Signature Collection. Find out more about the creative process behind the collection, and the heritage behind the tartan trim...

October 1st 2017

Mia Carroll on Facebook asks: What was your experience like in the creative process?

'As this was my first collection in collaboration with Barbour the creative process was new to me, but I enjoy working alongside the Barbour design team to create each piece from an initial idea through to the final piece. I started with considering the Barbour brand and its heritage and then I created ideas that celebrate Barbour’s traditions whilst adding something new – things that I’d like to see. It’s important to create a collection that sits well with the brand.'

Yvonne Suessmuth on Facebook asks: Especially the women's line seems comfortable & cozy, yet sophisticated. Is that what you wanted to achieve? 

'I think we wanted to make sure it provided warmth and comfort through the colder Autumn / Winter months and so it’s great that this comes across when you look through the collection. I also think my style is quite simple yet timeless and so I’m glad this comes through in terms of its style and sophistication as well.'

Leigh @LeighCay on Twitter asks: Are there plans to continue doing special lines with Barbour?

'I hope so, I enjoy the process of creating each collection and all of the positive feedback I get from my range. It’s also great to hear that people hope these lines continue too, and so we’ll see what the future brings!'

Michele Brass on Facebook asks: Is there meaning behind the tartan colours used in the trim? 

'The Tartan used in the trim is the Barbour Family Tartan. From the early days of the brand Barbour have been using tartan as a lining in their coats and so we used this to tie in the collection with Barbour’s own traditions and roots. The tartan is based on the Ayrshire District Tartan – where the Barbour family name originated and the colours were chosen to reflect the colours of the famous Barbour Beadale, Border and Beaufort wax jackets.'

Joanna Diaz on Instagram asks: Does the Heughan family have clan ties? Clan Tartan? Is any of your personal family heritage incorporated into the design?

The Heughan family I believe is part of the McDonald Clan. Many Heughans are from Southwest of Scotland, where I was born in Dumfries and Galloway, where John Barbour originated. Barbour has always been part of my heritage growing up with it. Many family members would wear their clothing.

Rachel Shapiro on Instagram asks: What elements of the collection are distinctly yours and what elements are carry-overs from Barbour’s longstanding traditions?

'I hope that this collection reflects my personal style which I’ve tried to incorporate across all of the shirts, knitwear and jackets. For the collection I chose each of the fabrics from the wax to the wool, tweed and herringbone too as these reflect my Scottish roots. I also think it’s important to stick to Barbour’s signature look and traditions through the styling of the clothing – to fit well with the brand.'

Cheyenne Kenney on Instagram asks: What made you decide to collaborate with Barbour?

'I’m honoured to be Barbour’s Global Brand Ambassador, and so when the idea of a collaborative collection came up it was something I’d really want to do. I grew up near the farm where John Barbour lived in Scotland and so it’s always been a brand that I am familiar with and have similar roots to and so I can understand its traditions. That was important to me when I started the design process.'

Saskia Wood on Facebook asks: If you could upcycle one classic Barbour jacket design, as part of his collection, which would it be?

'I think all of the classic jackets would be great to work with, and would all fit well into the collection. Maybe the Beaufort jacket would be interesting for me to work with, as it’s a timeless style that works well outdoors, in the country, but is even suited to city style – as this reflects my lifestyle too. I think the style of the jacket is so classic I wouldn’t want to change this but maybe I could create a signature lining for my collection one day…!'
To learn more about the Sam Heughan collection click here, or shop the Men’s and Women’s collections online.