Our Guide to Building the Perfect Snowman

To celebrate our collaboration with The Snowman™, we’ve created a handy ‘How-to’ guide to help you build your very own magical Snowman.

December 15th 2016

Whilst working on the custom animation of our #BarbourChristmas film, we were inspired by all things festive – especially when we went behind the scenes to learn more about the making of The Snowman™. And although snow is a rare sight in Britain, we’ve been patiently waiting for the first snowflake to fall so we can build our very own snowman...

1.      Choose good snow and a good spot.

For the perfect snowman, make sure the snow you choose isn’t too icy or fluffy, or else the next step will be particularly tricky. Head to the hills for thicker layers of snow!

2.      Pack the snow until you can’t anymore.

 Gather together a handful of snow and begin packing it into a ball, as tightly as you can. We’ll be wearing our favourite Barbour Wax with Fur Trim Mittens – they’ll keep your hands warm, as well as acting as the perfect snowball shapers.

3.      Start rolling.

Once you’ve packed your snowball as tightly as possible, you can make it bigger and bigger by rolling it along the floor, collecting more and more snow as you go. How big, is completely up to you… or the amount of snow you have to work with!

4.      Repeat, twice.

Now you’ve got the base of your snowman, you need to repeat Step 3 twice over. The second ball you build will be your snowman’s upper body, and the third its head, so make sure they get smaller as you go up.

5.      Stack all three snow balls.

Make sure the largest snowball is on the bottom, and the smallest is on top. Your snowman’s base needs to be firmly placed on level ground so it doesn’t tumble over – then put the upper body on top, and repeat with the head.

6.      Fill in the gaps.

Ensure your snowman doesn’t fall over by packing some more snow in between the layers of the three snowballs. For extra stability, create a spine for your snowman by placing a long thin stick down through the three snowballs.

7.      Create a face.

Now it’s time to bring your friend to life. Use a carrot for its nose, a collection of small rocks for its smile and a couple large buttons for its eyes. Be as creative as you wish!

8.      Accessorize.

 Finish by attaching a pair of stick arms to its upper body and some pebble buttons down its chest. Then, to recreate The Snowmanand his stylish look, wrap your snowman in our Tartan Lambswool Scarf, and pair with matching Barbour Wax Sports Hat and gloves – a festive Barbour touch.  

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