Original North Sea Outfitters: Daniel Alford

Find out what we got up to on our photography expedition along the Pembrokeshire Coast with Daniel Alford.

October 9th 2017
To celebrate our AW17 Original North Sea Outfitters Collection, we’re introducing you to three personalities whose lifestyles are inspired by the coast…
First up we met with landscape photographer Daniel Alford, to find out why he enjoys photographing the Pembrokeshire Coastline and what inspires his work behind the camera.
What inspires your work?
My background in natural history before moving into the arts have inspired what I do. When I am looking at a landscape I am naturally thinking about the kind of geology and the earth history, looking to the landscape to tell a story. I think that comes out in my work, I’m drawn to places of geological significance.
How has the coast in particular inspired your work?
The first solo photography trip I did was on the Pembrokeshire coast. I wanted to get away, the coast is good for that; to get some space, reconnect with nature, the draw of the wildlife, the changeable weather, it’s all a massive inspiration. In Britain it’s so easy for everyone to forget that we’re an island, particularly when everyone is in the city all the time, but there is so much history on the coast. In Pembrokeshire, there are Stone Age burial mounds, Iron Age forts, hundreds of millions of years of geological history, there is volcanic history. There is so much to learn on the coast, I think that’s what kind of inspires me about it.
What do you love about the Pembrokeshire Coast?
The first time I went there I was really surprised about how much wildlife is still there, how diverse it is and how it’s a few hours away from a major city, yet there are dolphins and whales swimming in the sea, there are plankton blooms, grey seals, birds of prey and wild flowers. The weather is very changeable, we get the brunt of everything coming off the Atlantic. It can change from hour to hour, it makes it very interesting when taking photographs.
What does Barbour mean to you?
When someone mentions Barbour or I see a Barbour jacket, I always think that it’s built to last, it’s got to last you a long time, it’s a brand that’s been around for a long time. Being well renowned with all things British and outdoors.
Why do you love what you do?
I love what I do because my camera gets to take me places a lot of the time, it started out where I was taking it places, because of that it’s now taking me places. My work is getting recognised and I’m being asked to explore more places which is great, it’s like a vehicle to travel. I think ultimately what I am trying to do is encourage people to do the same to show them that even in Wales there is that world class coastal beauty and they should go out and appreciate it, I think it would only be a good thing for people to do that.
What does photography mean to you?
The reason why I started doing what I do, is because it gives you a slower pace of life, it simplifies your life, it’s just you, you’re carrying your house on your back, food in your bag and you’re just walking, photographing, and trying to absorb your surroundings. When you do that, after a few days or hours that chattering in your brain starts to slow down and you start to feel a bit clearer, you start to become more in tune with the natural sounds and natural rhythms of the natural world around you and its quite therapeutic. 

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