Meet the Barbour Dogs of our Campaigns: Tia and Flax

Continuing our #BarbourDogs series, we meet Tia and Flax, to find out some of their fun stories behind the scenes of our Shirt Department photoshoot!

March 29th 2017
This month for #BarbourDogs, we're taking a closer look at the canine stars from our campaigns. For our final blog, we meet the two lovely labs from our Barbour Shirt Dept campaign.
Name? Tia and Flax
Nickname/s? Tia – “Tig” or “Teapot” but most often “Tia Maria” – Age 5 tomorrow
Flax – “Flaxi-doodles” or “Flaxi Bo Bo” – 18 weeks old
Tia, our Shirt Department collection photoshoot that you starred in was shot at the grand Crailing House in the British countryside – do you have a favourite countryside walk?  
Tia: I live in the Scottish Borders and love romping through the heather on the hills. Tomorrow is my birthday so we are going for a birthday walk south of the border, in the Cheviot Hills, then having iced buns for tea. I love water, so hope we find some for me to jump in!
Tia, you starred alongside another special model, actor Sam Heughan. What is it like being part of a Barbour photoshoot? What did you love most about getting to star in the Barbour Shirt Department shoot alongside Sam? 
Tia: Barbour photoshoots are really enjoyable, the team is very friendly, and we all have fun. Everyone laughs which makes my tail wag. I do have to behave myself for the whole day and we often do the same thing over and over again to get it right. I am always dog tired at the end of the day! My Mummy made me watch all of the Outlander series, so the best thing about it was making my Mummy happy.
Flax, this was your very first experience of a photoshoot! What did you love most about being on set? 
Flax: When we arrived the whole team stopped working to come and see me - even the big Director chap! Everyone said I was cute and the photographers wanted their photos taken with me. The Stylist had a Barbour collar ready for me to wear, which fitted perfectly. It snowed that day - I don’t think I had ever seen snow before! I had lots of fun playing outside, then they kept me warm with a Barbour coat and I went to sleep.  
Tia, what was the first photoshoot you ever did? 
Tia: Can you believe it, my first time was with Sam Heughan, not at Crailing House but not far away in the Scottish Borders. I was very excited and my Mummy was very nervous. I did chatter and whine that day but that was just me being enthusiastic and loving the attention, I am trying to learn to control myself better now.
What kind of breeds are you, and what is so great about being that breed? 
Tia: We are both Labradors we come in three different colours: Black, Yellow (Flax) and Chocolate (Tia). We are supposed to be a solid colour – except obviously when we are playing in the snow, sand or mud! We are so loving, loyal, adaptable, willing to have games with you humans and always understand what you lot are thinking and feeling.  
Do you have any fun stories to tell us from behind the scenes of your shoot with Sam? 
Flax: I was allowed out to play at the end of the day and Sam Heughan came over to politely say bye bye and thank you to my Mum. He gave the team hugs and off he went. I also learnt some acting techniques from him! After Sam went, I gave the Barbour team kisses and polished their faces – why would they want hugs from Sam when they can have kisses from me?
What do you both enjoy doing in your modelling down-time? What are your favourite things to get up to day-to-day? 
Tia: I like jumping in water, any water will do – muddy, salty, dirty or clean. Then I love to hug the heat from the fire and go to sleep with my head on the hearth.
Flax: I am growing so quickly that I like eating. If I am not eating food then I am eating the other dogs at home or even eating my human Mum, my milk teeth are coming out and I need to chew!
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