Meet the Barbour Dogs of our Campaigns - Nell

We caught up with Nell, who stars in our SS17 Heritage campaign. We find out what this little pooch had to say about her modelling debut and how your dog could be in a future campaign...

March 8th 2017
This month for #BarbourDogs, we're taking a closer look at the four-legged stars from our SS17 campaigns. First up, we meet the wonderful Nell, who can be seen in our Barbour Heritage and Timeless Originals campaign...
Name: Nell
Age: 7 years old
Our Heritage collection photoshoot that you starred in was shot in Tynemouth - what are some of your favourite beaches in the North East?
My earliest recollection of going to the beach is when my owners and their children took me to Druridge Bay, it was sooo big and sooo much fun.  I use to pretend that I couldn’t hear them calling me and would run off to play with the other dogs on the beach.  I was a lot faster back then though. Nowadays, I’m less inclined to hurtle off and get into mischief - I prefer a slower pace of life.  
What is it like being part of a Barbour photoshoot? What did you love most about getting to star in the Barbour Heritage shoot?
It is very nerve racking, and there is so much to learn.  How to stand to show off the collars, ensuring you’re close enough to the human model, but not too close, so that you can be cropped out of the shot if need be. Offering different looks... mysterious, happy, sad, excited - there’s just so much to remember!
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How did you get into modelling?
Quite simple really! My owner manages the Barbour shoots, I am really lucky. But I don’t take it for granted, I work hard and make sure I do as I’m told, even if I’m really cold and wet  (unlike some of the human models… they’re given blankets and hot water bottles after every shot…)
What was the first photoshoot you ever did?
It was this one, this is where it all started!!
What makes you a Barbour dog?
I just love the Barbour way of life, I love walks in the countryside or windy runs out on the beach and time spent with the family and my friends in the park - all fantastic fun!  Best of all, at the end of a hard day, I like to curl up by the fire with my sister Dot, and fall into a deep sleep and dream about chasing rabbits.
What kind of breed are you, and what is so great about being that breed?
I am a Border Terrier, quite a common breed in the North East of England, but quite rare throughout the UK.  Traditionally, we would work on farms or on country estates to keep the vermin population down. We love to chase anything small that moves, and nothing much gets past us. 
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Do you have any fun stories to tell us from behind the scenes of your shoot?
There are a lot of stories I could tell, but as a professional model, my mouth is sealed.
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