Highland Days Out – 24 hours in Inverness

In the second of our three-part series journeying around the Highlands, we spent the day in one of Scotland’s most magnificent locations – Inverness.

March 14th 2017
After a great day on the Isle of Skye, we began our next adventure, accompanied by tour guides, Scottish travel blogger Laura Brown and photographer Rab Fyfe. Keeping a diary of the places we visited, we sought to discover a selection of the city’s most-beautiful locations and secret spots to inspire your next Scottish getaway. 
Velocity Café.
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Eager to try a delicious treat at Velocity Café and Bicycle Workshop, we pushed open its big blue door, and were welcomed by the sweet fragrance of fresh pastries. Sunlight streamed through the large bay window, lighting up the counter that was stacked with cakes. From the baked goods, Rob and Laura picked warm, fresh pain au chocolat and ‘bicyclatte’ coffees for us to try.
The waitress told us how the café hosts a unique bike workshops and every so often, we’d hear the metallic sound of mechanics tinkering on the bikes and the gentle hiss of steam pouring from the coffee machines.
Botanic Gardens.
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As the wind picked up, the Botanic Gardens’ tropical greenhouse was a welcome treat. The room was full of lush greenery and vibrant plants leaning over the walkway and weaving around the stunning central water feature. The pleasant background sounds of a waterfall pouring into a pond, and the splashing of coy carp, added an unworldly feel to the experience. 
The Mustard Seed restaurant.
Hungry from the morning’s exploration, we headed to the Mustard Seed for lunch. The bustling restaurant used classic Highland influences and quality Scottish ingredients to create their wonderful dishes, like Rab’s wholesome black pudding and Laura’s fresh feta salad.  
The place was filled with families, friends and laughter, the sun flooded in through the south-facing window, with a set of French doors leading out onto a balcony – perfect for al fresco summer dining and picturesque views of the River Ness.   
Around town. 
To complete our day, we wandered around the town and up to Inverness Castle to take in the city’s rich history and striking features then across Greig Street Bridge, a striking iron suspension bridge.
As we strolled further, we looked up to the 19th-century castle standing tall on top of a cliff overlooking the River Ness, taking countless snaps of its exterior, before heading back to the city centre. A full circuit walk that was simply the most perfect way to end a relaxing 24 hours in Inverness. 
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