Heritage Collection: Q&A with ‘Haarkon’

Discover Haarkon’s distinct aesthetic and a sneak peak at their photo shoot in Tynemouth.

February 8th 2017
To celebrate the launch of our Heritage collection, we headed to Tynemouth and caught up with bloggers, India and Magnus also known as @Haarkon_. We learnt about their unique look, love of botanical spaces and why our Heritage collection is perfect for effortless style this summer.
Tell us a little bit about your blog and brand, Haarkon?
Haarkon is a digital scrapbook of the places we travel to. It's a photographic journal documenting where we go and what we see. We have a love for plants and like to find greenery in urban spaces as well as our own home - which happens to be full of greenery too! 
What piece of advice would you give to those looking to take the jump and get into travel writing photography?
Just do it. The only way to get better at something is to do it more and that’s how you find your aesthetic and figure out the way in which you like to work. We think it’s really important that we photograph what we find interesting; if we’re engaged with our subject then that will hopefully translate in our photographs. 
 India wears the Barbour Wax Border Jacket, the Barbour Bee T-shirt, Barbour Heritage Denim Jeans and the Barbour Natalie Cupsole Trainer.
You both set out on a self-initiated ‘Greenhouse Tour of the World’, tell us a little bit about what this involves?
We like greenhouses. We also like potting sheds, polytunnels and a plant-filled conservatory or two… We believe in allotment-mentality; that is making something with what you have and taking nature as it comes, understanding that it has a masterplan and that it can't always be neat and tidy. We travel far and wide to find indoor botanical spaces that are dotted around the globe, and one day we hope to compile all of these spaces together in a book.
What is your first memory of Barbour? 
Wellies! We like a muddy walk and our wellies live in the car so that we never get caught without them. 
 Magnus wears the Barbour Binnacle Wax Jacket, the Barbour Irwin Crew Neck Jumper and the Barbour City Neuston Chino Trousers
To India: What do you enjoy most about the pieces you’re wearing from the Heritage ‘Timeless Originals’ collection? 
As a photographer, practicality tends to dictate my style; I like to be comfortable when I work and that usually means I wear oversize or masculine-fit clothing. I feel most at home in dark colours and particularly enjoy grey, black and the occasional flirt with navy or blue. Texture is important to me and I like to wear garments that have unique details; an interesting collar, folded cuff or print. The pieces I am wearing today fit so well with this!
To Magnus: What do you enjoy most about the pieces you've picked from the Heritage collection? 
I like practical and good quality garments. I always see everything I purchase as an investment and so will seek out the best quality I can afford. The Heritage pieces worn today feel timeless, well made and, because I always lean towards a dark colour palette of blues, blacks and greys, reflect my personal style well. 
When you’re out exploring, what items could we expect to find in the pocket of your Barbour jacket?
We travel pretty light and so everything is usually piled into our pockets. We never tend to go anywhere without the car, so there would be of course our car keys along with the usual phone, lens cap, wallet and chewing gum. 
What’s next for team Haarkon?
Our dream is to have a book (or a series of books) published documenting our greenhouse tour. In the meantime we’ll continue documenting our travels in the UK and abroad and take each project as they come. 
Next week India and Magnus will be guest writing on the Barbour blog and sharing thier guide to a day out in Tynemouth, be sure to watch out for it!
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