Dog Friendly Festivals: Lakefest

Ahead of the festival season, we’re taking a closer look at two dog friendly festivals, first up is the wonderful Lakefest…

April 6th 2017
Situated at the stunning Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Lakefest has become one of the UK’s best loved festivals. With the help of Lakefest Director, Lee Martin – we find out a little more about this family and dog friendly festival and what his top Barbour essentials are for the festival season.
Lakefest has been running now since 2011 – what made you want to start the festival and how did it become what it is today?
The 2011 effort was essentially three guys who wanted to put on a giant cider festival for families to enjoy live music and have some fun. We were overwhelmed by how popular the idea was and we decided to brand our festival as Lakefest in 2012. It was an organic process and the growth was steady. Each year we would get more creative with ideas, listen to the comments from attendees, and go bigger with the band selections.
We love that Lakefest is dog friendly, what made you want to open the festival up to canine guests?
Well, we’re all about family and dogs are part of the family, too! It’s always worked well for us and we like our status as a dog friendly festival. We took a considered approach to this as safety is top of our list and the welfare of the dogs. 
Lakefest will be held at the beautiful Eastnor Castle again this year – how did you pick that location and are there plenty of things for dogs to get up to during the festival?
Eastnor was the obvious choice due to its natural beauty. It’s the former home of the Big Chill and that made us feel secure in the knowledge that it could handle the logistics of a festival. 
Our family dog, Lulu, loves her Lakefest weekend! There are plenty of sights for the dogs to take in and if they need a break from the main festival arena then outstanding walks are all around the site. 
Find out what are Lee’s essential Barbour products are for this festival season…
‘I’d pack this one for the guys, lightweight and waterproof, and it won’t look out of place at a festival.’ (We don’t like rain at Lakefest, so no need for a hood but this is perfect for cooler nights)
‘For the kids, these lightweight jackets are a must-have, an extra layer for them if needed, but leaving them free to run around and enjoy all of the activities available to them.’
‘A festival staple… the wellington boot, I pack mine just in case the rain begins to pour!' 
 Pictured our Barbour Men's Bede Wellingtons.
'A cool dog has to have a bandana! I love this one for our four-legged friends.'
'Simple and stylish, this is a good one to pack for the dog in your life - a little canine couture never hurt anybody.' 
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