Claire Gills’ favourite places for photo-montage inspiration

In the final edition of our three-part series celebrating our SS17 Beachcomber collection, we uncovered more about Claire Gills’ passion for the sea, and the stunning coastal spots that influence her beautiful photo-montages.

May 23rd 2017
To start crafting your own Claire Gill-inspired artwork, we recommend embarking on an adventure to one (or two) of her favourite places first. 
1. Isle of Iona, Scotland 
Out of all the coastal spots Claire adores, the Isle of Iona takes first place. You’ll notice a calming aura about the island, with no crime or trouble spoiling its beauty. As children, Claire and her friends were left to explore the magnificent landscapes alone.
Lined with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, we believe it’s the perfect escape for creative inspiration, with amazing places to discover around every headland. 
2. Folkestone, Kent
Unspoilt countryside, historic buildings, white sandy beaches and towering white cliffs are just a few things you’ll find in and around this bustling port town. 
Great for budding artists, the quaint regenerated streets of Folkestone offer bounds of cutting-edge art in its unique Creative Quarter. Here, you’re never far away from something fascinating to add to your beachcombing collection.  
3. Studland, Dorset 
Wild, remote and rough around the edges, Studland is an exciting coastal escape, and one that’s great for capturing some incredible photos to add to your montage. 
Filled with interesting focal points, the village boasts a collection of old cottages and hidden coves, and is surrounded by sweeping sandy beaches, dunes and rugged heathland. The nature reserve also makes it easy to catch a glimpse of the land’s boundless wildlife. 
4. Dungeness, Kent
Dotted with old shacks and tucked away from the rest of the county, this rural headland has an eerie, end-of-the-world feel to it that Claire loves. Old wooden boat wrecks line the pebbled shores, with fishing nets and drift wood scattered around them – each ship with its own story to tell. 
It’s this rawness that makes the place so appealing when seeking new ideas for your art; with interesting textures and focal points everywhere you turn. Each artefact you’ll find here will help to build the next layer of your unique piece. 
5. Whitstable, Kent
Finally, Whitstable is one of Claire’s favourite places to visit, simply due to its impressive scale and diversity. You can spend a whole day discovering the different landscapes as you hike from one end to the other. 
Take in the views from Whitstable’s idyllic beaches, grab a portion of fresh fish and chips in one of the quaint fishing harbours, snap the colourful beach huts, or stop and chat with the friendly locals who can point you in the direction of some real hidden gems.  
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