B.Intl: Q&A with Kylie Griffiths of London Girls Surf Club

We caught up with Kylie Griffiths - Founder of London Girls Surf Club, DJ and Creative Director, to chat her perfect day in London and how her career influences her style.

May 31st 2017
Between her time surfing, being a Creative Director, and DJ-ing, Kylie Griffiths loves to spend time in her native city of London. Discover her stop-offs for a perfect day in London, and her favourite places to surf in the world.
You love surfing and seem to have travelled the world with it. Where’s your favourite place in the world to spend a day on the beach?
It's got to be a draw. Hossegor in the South of France and Hirikiteya in Sri Lanka. Hossegor as I am just totally in love with the area, it's a little town that has an amazing creative energy, and Hirikteya as it's just paradise. I was surfing there this January and fell in love. You'll be sitting on your surfboard waiting for a wave and turtles will be swimming past and monkeys will be calling out in the background!
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You also work as a Creative Director. Where do you find your creative inspiration?
Honestly, everywhere! Ideas will come to me at the strangest of times, annoyingly when I'm about to go to sleep I seem to get loads of ideas, which means I'm regularly jumping up and hunting for a notebook! I think in general it's from travelling, meeting likeminded people and research. I can spend hours reading, trawling through old magazines and looking on Pinterest so it always varies. I would say travel is a huge inspiration for me and seeing new cultures.
Barbour International is all about independence, how do you use style to showcase your individuality?
I used to give a lot of thought to what I wear but now I'm very much a chuck on and go kind of person, which I think reflects my personality as I'm always on the move.  I tend to live in jeans with a vintage tshirt, I must own over 8 pairs of blue vintage boyfriend jeans! For me style is what you feel comfortable in.
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You shot your pictures in London. How does the city influence your style?
I'm a born and bred Londoner so I think my style has always had a London feel as it's where I grew up. My style is versatile and is always changing as if I'm on a surf trip or would be a very different look to if I was wondering around the city.  
Describe your perfect day in London 
It would start going for a walk down the Canal in East London, then I would stop for a coffee at The Ace hotel in Shoreditch, it's my favourite to get some work done and catch up, plus its dog friendly so I can take my sausage dog Frankie! I'm a workaholic so even on my days off I enjoy working! Then in the evening head to a bar with a beer garden with friends, like the Adam & Eve in Homerton then probably on to Bardens in Dalston! I also love going to galleries and having some time out so would probably go for a walk down Southbank and wonder around the Tate.
Barbour International has its roots in motorcycle clothing, why do you think motorcycle style is so often adopted by people who love fashion?
I think sub cultures have always influenced fashion for years and motorbike culture is a hugely popular one so I would say it stems from there.
What is your favourite item of clothing in the Barbour International womenswear collection and why?
It would have to be the black leather biker. I live in a biker jacket as I think they're so versatile and go with everything from a summer dress to jeans and a tshirt.