B.Intl: Patrick Kafka, Model and Motorcycle Rider

Patrick Kafka shares how his love of motorcycles feeds into his personal style and modelling career.

March 20th 2017
Barbour International represents a sense of freedom and a confidence that speaks to those who choose their own direction and do not always follow a conventional route - it’s #ForTheFreeSpirited. Throughout our campaign we’re speaking to four individuals who create their own paths. In the fourth instalment of our blog series, Patrick Kafka, Model and Motorcycle Rider speaks of his love of motorcycling “there’s no limits, no borders, there’s nothing that holds me back”. 
You're the face of Barbour International, what is it about our brand appeals to you?
I really like the Barbour International collection because I ride dirt bikes and I also own a classic B.Intl Original Wax Jacket, I use it almost every day - it’s just the spirit of it. Many professional riders have used this jacket for many years and it lasts forever, it’s a good mixture between functionality and design.
Why does your image marry up with the brand so well?
For me Barbour International is the perfect fit. I wear it when I go dirt biking with my friends in the woods. It’s really strong and durable.
Where does your interest in motorbikes come from? 
I was always interested in bikes, my dad was a professional racer and I always went and watched him compete. On my fourth birthday, there was this big box in our living room, I ripped all the paper off and there was this nice little 50cc dirt bike.
What is it about the motorcycle life that attracts you?
What I really like about riding bikes, is that you go out with your friends, on the weekend, it’s a big group, you go riding the whole day and in the evening you make a bonfire and socialise. 
When do you feel most free?
When riding, there are no limits or borders, it’s the sense of freedom I enjoy. I can ride on the street, ride in the city, ride in the forest, there is nothing holding me back.
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