B.Intl: Meet Mr Gee, The Voice of our Campaign

We find out what inspires Spoken Word Poet, Mr Gee, whose compelling voice can be heard throughout our #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign film.

February 6th 2017

Barbour International speaks to those who choose their own direction and do not always follow a conventional route - it’s #ForTheFreeSpirited. Throughout our main campaign film we feature four individuals who choose to do exactly this and have crafted themselves a unique lifestyle.

Introducing Mr Gee, who wrote and recited the phenomenal poem that narates this season’s video. We caught up with Mr Gee, to learn more about what exactly spoken word poetry is and where he finds inspiration.

Why spoken word poetry?
Spoken word poetry for me is one of the freest forms of expression. If a comedian’s job is to make you laugh, and it’s a musician’s job to make you nod your head, a spoken word poet’s job is just to speak something that’s from the soul from the heart and hopefully you feel it. And so it’s the freedom, that’s what I love about it, I love the freedom of it. That it’s just my own thoughts, my own expression, my own ideas and trying to get those to connect with the audience that’s listening to me.

When did you first know that you wanted to be a spoken word poet?
I remember sitting back behind the decks watching the crowd just absorb this new spoken word style of poetry which was something far removed from what you learnt in the books and classrooms. They were almost bringing poetry to life in the space for the audience and that was the moment I got hooked on it.
What’s your definition of spoken word poetry?
I’ve had young little poets coming up to me showing me poems that they’ve written in school. I’ve had old men and old women coming up to me showing me poems that they wrote twenty, thirty years ago. So I know that you can’t package it in terms of age or a demographic or a race or religion or this or that. It’s free. And that’s what’s beautiful about it.

Is there a specific place that you go to find inspiration?
Because I see poetry as a natural thing, I do like to be around nature. I almost feel that I’m having a natural conversation with myself and so I need to be around trees and grass and I need to see the sky, or at least have the sun come through my window.

Why is Barbour International such a good fit for you?
What I like about Barbour International is the jackets. They reflect what London is about, the ability to weather all storms, you put a Barbour International jacket on like a suit of armour. It comes with that whole motorcycle iconography. Where its man and machine in perfect harmony, weathering all that the gods can throw at you.

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