B.Intl: Introducing Musician Alice Costelloe

Discover the Musician behind the soundtrack of our #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign film, Alice Costelloe.

February 20th 2017
Our Barbour International collection portrays an attitude of being free spirited and feeling confident enough to choose your own direction. This season our #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign introduces four individuals, who create their own paths. In the second instalment of our blog series, we caught up with Alice Costelloe, who created the music featured in our film.
When did you first know that you wanted to be a musician?
I remember the first show I ever played, I was twelve and all of my family came to a bar in Holloway to watch. I remember just seeing all these different generations of people coming together, it was really cool that playing music could do that.
Why music?
From a very young age people gave me records that influenced my life at those times, ever since then I think music became the sole purpose of my life.
Could you talk us through the process, of where the idea for a song comes from and how it begins to takes shape?
I spend a lot of my time walking round London. I don’t know if it’s actually the architecture of London or what’s going on that inspires me but I always find that when I’m walking lyrics just come into my head. When I get home and I try and make something better from it. Being a Musician in London I’m super lucky as there’s venues all around that constantly have good bands on.
What spurs you on to make music?
If you’re creating art that makes people feel a certain way, then you’re standing for something that you care about, entertaining and interacting with an audience is what really inspires me to continue with my music. 
When do you feel most free?
When you’ve been working on a record for a really long time and it’s finally finished you get this magic feeling when it all clicks and you know you’re ready to record it, that’s when you feel the most free.
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