B.Intl Facebook Launch: Live Sessions - Hooton Tennis Club

In celebration of our B.Intl Facebook launch, we’ve teamed up with online magazine and creative studio, Coney’s Loft to host our very own live music sessions – first up is upcoming UK band, Hooton Tennis Club.

January 12th 2017
We’re kicking off 2017 in style with our Barbour International Facebook launch, in partnership with online magazine and creative studio, Coney’s Loft.
First up are the guys from Hooton Tennis Club, who will be playing live from our Piccadilly store on Sunday 15th January at 8pm. You can watch it live, exclusively on our Barbour International Facebook page.
Find out more about what influences their music and what their favourite pieces are from our Barbour International collection…
Fashion and music have always been closely linked. What is it about these two worlds you think complements each other and why?
Musicians construct their image whilst on stage wearing clothes and fashion people listen to music and stuff on Spotify. Bam! A musician and fashion fusion. Many musicians like to have a very specifically tailored image on and off stage; it all adds to the mystique, man. 
Who has influenced you in terms of music and style?
Daniel O'Donnell, James Bay, The Beatles and The Flying Burrito Brothers. 
 Pictured our B.Intl Worn Jacket.


If you could borrow any music icon's wardrobe for the following events who would it be and why:
1. Going food shopping? James Bay. We could use his big hat and save ourselves frivolously spending 5p on a carrier bag.
2. Going on a date? Jack Garratt. His hat would be good to date in. It's a talking point. "Hey, have you seen my hat?” that kind of thing.
3. Going to a gig? Carl Barat. He has loads of accessories which are fun to spice any outfit up. Also, he probably has a great selection of boho-chic hats.
We’ve been enjoying your Edwyn Collins produced album ‘Big Box of Chocolates’. What was it like working with Edwyn?
It's something we'll remember forever, easily. We were treated to three weeks of living in the isolated town of Helmsdale up in the Highlands and making music with beautiful people. We all want to move up there and make records, go for walks, and drink whiskey until we are old men.
What inspired the record?
A lot of 60s Americana country rock, The Beatles, Whiskey, Big Star (Radio City album), Gorse and the Moray firth.
What are your favourite pieces from the Barbour International collection?
We are all very partial to our warm Barbour International coats. They helped us a great deal on those icy European nights on tour. Put the B.Intl Impeller Quilted Jacket and the B.Intl Paxton Scarf and you're ready to take on the world. 
Pictured our B.Intl Oil Wax Jacket.


What does 2017 have in store for Hooton Tennis Club?
We try to live day-by-day and not make huge plans. Little things like spending more time on projects both art and music, long country walks, read, eat well...
Join our B.Intl Sessions - Hooton Tennis Club Facebook event, for further information.
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