B.Intl Facebook Launch: Live Sessions - Ren Harvieu

Next up on our live sessions is Ren Harvieu. Who can be seen performing live on our B.Intl Facebook page on Sunday 22nd January, 8pm GMT.

January 19th 2017
Continuing the celebration of our Barbour International Facebook launch, we’ve teamed up with Coney’s Loft to bring you a series of mini gigs streamed on Facebook Live. Earlier this week we saw the wonderfully talented, Natalie McCool, perform live from our Piccadilly store.
Our next live session is with singer-songwriter, Ren Harvieu, who will be performing live on our Barbour International Facebook page on Sunday 22nd January at 8pm. 
We had the chance to catch up with Ren and discuss her favourite pieces from our Barbour International collection and what lies ahead for her in 2017.
Who do you take style inspiration from?
I take inspiration from all over the place. As a teenager, I collected fashion magazines and made collages to put on my bedroom wall. They were always very glamorous, out there clothes, full of personality. Most great musicians have great style, because they’ve thought about it. They’ve thought about every minute detail of how they want to come across. David Bowie for me is a great example of that. He did his homework.
You appear to favour strong monotone colours in your style, is that a conscious decision?
I wore a lot of monotone colours around the time of the first album. I liked the Goth ascetic, but with touches of old Hollywood and punk. I thought it was quite a striking look at the time, and an interesting contrast against the music I was making, which was more of a retro sound. Nowadays my style is a lot more relaxed.
How has your style developed over the years?
I think the way my style has developed has been a reflection on the way I have developed as a person, over this past year especially. I’m a lot more confident, so I take more risks. I'm so happy with the way my second album is shaping up, that it’s really boosted my confidence. I want my music to speak for itself, but I want the look to compliment it. 
 Ren wore our B.Intl Fairing Quilted Parka Jacket accompanied by our B.Intl Eiko Jumper.
Do you think a band's image helps people step into their world?
I do think a band's image helps people step into their world. If you are a great artist you can look ridiculous and cool at the same time. And that's really powerful. And when you love a band, you want people to know, and dressing like them is like being in an extended gang. Even now, walking around Manchester, I still see loads of people wearing Smiths t-shirts. 
What are your favourite pieces from the Barbour International collection and why?
I really love the B.Intl Fairing Quilted Parka Jacket, it’s like being hugged by a polar bear, making it really cosy and stylish.
What would you say has been the highlight of your career as a musician so far?
The highlight of my career so far has actually been the year just gone. The reasoning being that I feel in the most control I have ever felt as an artist. There is no negatively around me. And that has unlocked so much. My second album is going to surprise a lot of people.
What does 2017 have in store for you?
This year I will be releasing my music, touring, and finishing a musical I’ve been writing with Romeo from The Magic Numbers. Having a number 1 album would be nice too.
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