#BarbourSummer: A Taste of British Summer with The Cheese Truck

With summer on its way, we’ve collaborated with The Cheese Truck, to bring you one of the country’s most popular festival food dishes that you can create at home...

June 19th 2017
Hey, I’m Matt from The Cheese Truck. We founded our food business to celebrate the best of British Cheese! We tour the country with the aim to give everyone the opportunity to embrace and be part of our British Cheese revolution!
This summer, we’ve teamed up with Barbour to bring you an exclusive cheesy dish, inspired by our favourite tastes of summer that you can make at home!
So, grab yourself a pen and paper and get prepared to serve our most popular, cheese filled dish -We promise, it'll be cheesy smiles all round!
The Oueso Chiuhuahua, Chorizo and Jalapeño Salsa Grilled Cheese:
Ingredients list:
• 120g Queso Chihuahua Cheese
• Chorizo (sliced generously in 2x slices)
• 2x Tablespoon of Jalapeño Salsa
• 20g Butter
• 2x slices of Sourdough bread
Ingredients to make the Jalapeno Salsa:
• 200g Jalapeños
• 2x Limes
• Clove of Garlic
• Handful of Coriander
• Half a small onion
• Seasoning
Start by cooking off the chorizo in a small pan, this should take around 20 minutes then set aside.
Next, melt some butter and generously brush the outside of both slices of bread. Assemble the sandwich by slicing the chorizo in half long ways, slicing the queso Chihuahua and layering them up, finish by adding the jalapeño salsa.
To cook the sandwich:
The best way to cook a grilled cheese at home is in a skillet or a heavy based frying pan, you want to cook it low and slow to unsure you get the best crispy crunch on the outside and the cheese melts perfectly.
Place the sandwich buttered side down in a skillet or pan on a low to medium heat, keep applying pressure or weight to top of the sandwich while its cooking this squishes all the filling together helping the cheese to melt. After about 4 minutes flip the sandwich and cook on the other side.
When both sides are golden brown and the cheese is oozing out your done. Now enjoy!
To make the fresh jalapeño salsa:
This is a really simple method to whip up a delicious fresh jalapeño salsa that brings bit of heat to this sandwich! To make, simply combine slices of Jalapeños, the juice of 2x limes, the garlic, coriander, onion and a touch of seasoning (salt and pepper) and blend all the ingredients together in a blender and blitz them into a paste.
Be sure to cool down the heat and serve with a cold, icy drink to wash it down!
We hope you all enjoy the dish! Make sure to tag #BarbourSummer in your creations this summer, we can’t wait to see them!
Find out more about The Cheese Truck here and in case you missed it, last week we showed you an exclusive recipe from food vendors, Anne Mae’s!
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