#BarbourSummer: Meet Vicky’s Donuts

The final stop on our #BarbourSummer foodie quest, we enjoyed a sunny afternoon at Victoria Park Food Market with Vicky, founder of the delicious Vicky’s Donuts…

July 4th 2017
Born in her home kitchen, we heard how Vicky’s childhood love of North American donuts led her to pursue her passion in baking, to create a beautifully iced business. Find out more…
Can you share with us the story behind Vicky's Donuts - how did you first begin the business?
I’ve always been a fan of baking; I started a baking blog and every chance I’d get I had to have a go at something new and post up the pictures and recipes for it. When I tried making donuts for the first time, I kind of fell in love! I started just making them for friends and family from my kitchen home. I still remember the first stranger that ordered a mixed dozen from me - it was the weirdest feeling ever that someone had just seen me online and decided to buy them.
We read that your Donuts are inspired by the North-American style of baking. Can you tell us a little bit about how these have influenced your flavours and designs?
My Aunt and Uncle used to live in Toronto and when I visited as a kid, where donuts are a big part of the itinerary. I love the way North-American style donuts look - they’re super satisfying to look at. I try to mix up my flavours - one of my favourites this year has been an Orange & Pistachio one, it has a fruity orange glaze and is filled with a savoury pistachio cream - the mix of salt and sweet is so good.
Your Donuts are decorated like a piece of art! Do you have a creation that you are most proud of?
I’m not sure if I can pick a favourite! In terms of decoration, top three are probably the galaxy donuts (decorated like the Milky Way), pizza donuts and some pretty pastel & edible flower donuts I made for a feature in Betty Magazine.
Our #BarbourSummer campaign features a taste of British summer! Do you have a favourite ingredient or flavour that reminds you of summer?
Definitely British strawberries - there’s nothing like them! They have so much flavour, no other strawberries compare. Eating them immediately conjures up memories of Wimbledon and summer picnics for me! The perfect way to spend a #BarbourSummer eh?
We can’t wait to try your #BarbourSummer Donuts! Where did you take your inspiration for the recipe?
As strawberries are the epitome of British summertime to me, I decided I had to incorporate them as the lead flavour and then of course, what is summer if not to indulge in ice cream!
 Pictured our Barbour Headland Waxed Jacket.
They say that no other country can beat a British Summer. What are you looking forward to most this summer?
My favourite place during summer is London - you can cycle everywhere, it’s magical. I’m looking forward to getting on my bike and being a tourist in my hometown - cycling over Waterloo Bridge in the sun with the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye in the background still gets me every time!
For most people, Barbour has become a stable feature at festivals and outdoor events. When did you first come across the Barbour brand?
I first came across Barbour a few years ago when my friend wore the Barbour Classic Beadnell Wax Jacket. There’s something really simple but very debonair about them! The waterproof element also comes in super handy on rainy market days! I’ve since also fallen in love with the Barbour Cleveland Wellingtons - they’re the prettiest wellies I’ve ever seen, and so comfy too.
 Pictured our Barbour Cleveland Wellingtons.
How would you describe your summer festival style?
I love how at festivals you feel so free to wear whatever you want! I feel a statement jacket and wellies are a must-have. Rompers and dungarees can come in super handy when busting out the dance moves and something super sparkly and fun for night-time boogying is essential.
When you’re at a festival or event, what would we most likely find in the pocket of your Barbour jacket?
A blackboard pen, tissues and hay fever tablets. There’d also be remnants of flour and icing - I find it everywhere!
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