#BarbourSummer: Meet Spit & Roast

Continuing our #BarbourSummer campaign, we met up with Spit & Roast, East London’s premier spit-roast truck, to talk all things summer! They share their start up story, festival style and give us a chance to try their tasty new dish created exclusively for Barbour!

June 27th 2017
Summer is all about getting outside and sharing good, quality food! We caught up with founder of Spit & Roast Food Truck, Ross, to hear his plans for enjoying summer and what it’s like to work at festivals and events.
Could you share a little with our readers about your food brand 'Spit & Roast'? Where did the story start?
I was working at Justin’s restaurant in Islington, he was the owner, I [Ross] was the head chef. We had 4 great years working together. Then the basic stresses of a kitchen environment started getting a bit much - there’s a lot of equipment to go wrong, staff to manage, and costs you can’t keep under control, so we wanted to do something a bit simpler - more customer focussed. And so we set up Spit & Roast.
This was about five and a half years ago, back when street food existed but the truck thing was just starting to take off. Burgers had already been done, hot dogs had been lifted up, but nobody at the time was doing high end fried chicken, so we spotted a gap in the market.
Street and ‘festival’ food is a big part of getting outside and enjoying summer! - Where did your inspiration behind the menu come from?
In terms of the inspiration for Spit + Roast, it’s just what we like to eat really! A bit of guilty pleasure; dirty fried chicken but with the idea of making it using free range meat and making our own sauces!
Is there a particular memory or experience that has influenced your choice of ingredients on your menu?
From the chicken perspective, in about ’98, waiting for my degree results with my Dad down in Bordeaux, there was a backstreet little kitchen which had an open wood fire, and spits cooking chickens, along with a big cauldron full of duck fat. There was nothing else - no menu or anything. You’ve eaten chicken the most of your life, but this was amazing and made me realise it can actually be that good.
You travel the country, but are based in London. What do you love most about London’s culinary scene?
All the world’s food is here and it’s all good quality. I think given recent travels, it’s getting harder and harder to eat badly in London.
#BarbourSummer is all about celebrating the quintessential taste of a British Summer. What do you love most about cooking during this season?
This time of year is amazing for jersey royals, asparagus, and wild salmon, 3 simple ingredients on a plate. My Mum and Dad have got a nice garden, so I always try and get down there for the first digging of potatoes.
Barbour prides itself in being a truly British brand for over 100 years. When did you first come across the Barbour brand?
I’ve been aware of Barbour for years and years. I was at boarding school up in Scotland and there was a lot of Barbour there, and clay pigeon shooting. It’s definitely a traditional British brand!
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If you had to describe your festival style, what would it be?
Slightly dishevelled! But also comfortable and technical. We need clothes that will protect us from whatever the British weather brings!
When serving at a festival, what are we most likely to find in your Barbour jacket pocket?
It’s going to be a head torch probably, or some wet wipes - both of those are after dark essentials when serving!
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We can’t wait to try your #BarbourSummer recipe - What was the inspiration behind the dish?
We’ve been developing it over the last few weeks. With baby radishes just coming into the season and local stores, we incorporated these to freshen up the ‘slaw and give it a bit of crunch and zing - that gives the dish a peppery heat. We then added a touch of ginger to the hot sauce to add an extra burst of flavour!
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