#BarbourSummer – Meet The Cheese Truck

To kick off the #BarbourSummer campaign, we met up with The Cheese Truck - London’s premier food truck with a passion for nothing other, than serving the finest British Cheese!

June 8th 2017
Summer is all about getting outside and sharing good, quality food! We caught up with founder of The Cheese Truck to hear his plans for enjoying summer, what it’s like to work at festivals and how he is dedicated to celebrating the best of British Cheese…..
Could you share a little with our readers about your food brand: The Cheese Truck! Where was the idea born from?
I started The Cheese Truck in 2014, with the basic idea of serving grilled cheese sandwiches at street food markets and music festivals. We started from humble beginnings on a stall at Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey which we still do this day. During those first summers we built up a name for ourselves on the festival circuit, selling sandwiches everywhere from Wilderness to Bestival and pretty much every festival in between.
Cheese is clearly, a key ingredient on your menu! Where did you take your inspiration for creating the tasty recipes on your menu?
We’re inspired by produce and cheesemakers! Celebrating British cheese is what drives us to do what we do. I’m a massive fan of our goats cheese, honey and walnut sandwich.
You spend a lot of your time at festivals and outdoor events. Do you have any memories of serving food that mean a lot to you?
I would have to say the first time we traded at Glastonbury and it’s quickly become out favourite. It’s such an honour to trade there and we now have two pitches on site. It’s our biggest weekend of the year and we’ll get through a good 1.5 tonnes of cheese in the five days.
We’re proud that Britain is home to a city dubbed one of the best for its diversity in food. What do you enjoy most about the London culinary scene?
I like the variety in the London food scene, we’re so incredibly spoilt by our food choices! Its also really exciting to be a part of the food scene in London.
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We can’t wait to try your #BarbourSummer dish - What was the inspiration behind the recipe?
We had a lot of fun making this recipe for Barbour. I worked with London’s finest cheesemaker (other than myself, of course) - Gringa Dairy! Kristen makes the most amazing Mexican cheeses based in Peckham and she’s a great friend - she is always an inspiration. BUT I won’t give too much away just yet as you’ll have to come down and try it for yourself!
When did you first come across the Barbour brand?
One of the first festival jackets I ever owned was an old Barbour wax jacket I bought at Secret Garden Party for £20 because I was sick of getting cold at festivals! It lasted two years and was probably one of the best twenty’s I’ve ever spent!
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You're wearing items from the Barbour Summer Collection - What do you like most about the collection?
It’s nice that the jackets are lighter and feel more suited to summer months. I’m a particular fan of the Barbour Headland Waterproof Jacket in yellow, brand colours and all that...
You'll be at Glastonbury this year! What is most likely to be found in the pocket of your Barbour jacket whilst working?
The truck keys, a couple of wet invoices and perhaps a can of beer! The essentials, of course…
We can't always rely on the British summer weather! How do you weatherproof your festival attire?
Luckily, I’ve always got my trusty Barbour wax jacket to keep me dry when the rain (inevitably) does start to fall!
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What are the next big festivals/events we can expect to find The Cheese Truck at this Summer?
We’re going to be serving at over 20 festivals this summer! Glastonbury, End of the Road, Festival No 6, Bestival, Wilderness, Lost Village, the list goes on!.. and we hope to see as many of you there!
Follow the #BarbourSummer Campaign next week, as we take a bite of the British festival food scene with Anna Mae’s Mac and Cheese truck!
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