#BarbourLife - Roanna Wells

In our latest #BarbourLife blog, we caught up with Artist Roanna Wells to discuss her unique talent and what inspires her work.

October 27th 2016

Roanna, summarise what you do in one sentence

My practice is multi-disciplinary, using various different mark making techniques to explore themes of repetition, multiples, collections and arrangements.

It's a very unique talent you have, where did you learn your skills?

I think I must have inherited a lot of my patience and attention to detail through my creative parents, my Mum being a textile artist and my Dad restoring antiques. I studied BA (hons) Embroidery at Manchester School of Art where I was encouraged to explore techniques and concepts, and started to find my own voice for my ideas. This has continued to develop and change over the years since.

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We fell in love with your art and the concepts that drive your creativity. Can you explain creativity to us in your own words?

Creativity is an interesting and ever changing thing, and I’m learning more about it through each project I embark upon. Usually a new idea will emerge whilst working on something else, and there tends to be a steady flow of work. I find creative inspiration in various forms, either simply through the process of making in itself, or through expressing personal, emotional or social subject matter.

 Roanna wore our Barbour Ice Shirt.


We’re very proud of our British culture - what aspects of British culture inspire you the most that express through your artwork?

I suppose my work doesn’t necessarily focus on only British culture through subject matter, it is more broadly connected to humanity as a whole and the individuals within that. I might describe myself personally of having quite a ‘British’ reservation and quiet politeness, which is definitely expressed through my way of working.

You look amazing in our Timeless Collection! Had you heard of Barbour's before? What do you love about it?

Yes, I’ve always known about the classic Barbour jackets, but what I love about the Timeless Originals collection is that it combines the traditional with a more contemporary urban feel, which fits my personal taste.

 Roanna also wore our Barbour Stratus X-Back Crew Neck.


Lastly, who is someone British you would love to meet and why?

I absolutely love watching contemporary dance and the dancer and choreographer Akram Khan is someone I would love to meet. He is British born of Bangladeshi descent and the way he blends his styles of traditional Kathak rhythm and western contemporary dance is just exquisite and so inspiring.

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