#BarbourLife – Jeska Hearne

In our next instalment of our #BarbourLife feature, we headed down to enjoy a sunny day along the East Sussex coast line with Jeska Hearne better known as @LobsterandSwan…

May 30th 2017
In our latest Barbour Life feature, Jeska Hearne revealed more about living beside the British coast, and what she’s most looking forward to wearing this summer…
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am an East Sussex based stylist, photographer and blogger and I run a sustainable lifestyle store called The Future Kept with my husband Dean, who is also a photographer.
 Pictured our Barbour Fins Dress
How did you get into styling writing and photography?
I have worked in retail and merchandising for small businesses all my working life, and started my blog as a creative escape back in 2007. It has been a way to connect with inspiring makers from all over the world and share my creative projects with likeminded people.
You go by the name @LobsterandSwan on your social channels. Is there a story behind the name?
They are two types of animal who are rumoured to pair for life - beautiful and strong, delicate and armoured. I loved that idea of forming a strong bond with your chosen people, and filling a home and surroundings with beautiful and useful things you’ll love and treasure for a lifetime.
Your visual aesthetic is full of depth and rich colour. Is there any particular experience that has influenced your style?
The seasons and my surroundings have inspired me since childhood, my sisters and I spent most of our time outdoors playing and letting our imaginations run wild, and now my photos and style seem to naturally flow with the changes in nature and the weather throughout the year. 
We noticed from your Instagram that you have a passion for capturing botanical nature. Does this reflect a personal preference for being at one with the outdoors?
I am totally obsessed with nature, plants and all things wild. Indoors, we have a huge variety of plants and outside the garden is our oasis. We also live five minutes from the cliffs and beach and five minutes from the country park.
 Pictured our Barbour Rief Sweater.
You live along the tranquil coastline of East Sussex - What do you enjoy most about the British coastline?
I love how much it changes; from chalky cliffs to clay and then the more rugged rocks down in Devon, secret sandy beaches and coves in Wales and mountains by the shore in Scotland.
When did you first come across Barbour?
I have known Barbour since I was a child; my mum always wore her wax jacket to walk our dogs on the beach and in the country park near where we now live.
 Pictured our Barbour Beachcomber Thong Sandals.
Can you tell us a little bit about the pieces you are wearing today from our SS17 Beachcomber collection?
The fit of the Barbour Fins Dress is just right for me, I am always clamouring about over rocks and up the cliffs wherever we visit. I wore it with the Barbour Beachcomber Thong Sandals which were perfect for walking in the sea. The Barbour Rief Sweater I wore has this lovely funnel neck to combat the evening breeze. Combined with the Barbour Barnacle Wax Jacket, I was pretty much coastal proof.
 Pictured our Barbour Barnacle Wax Jacket.
When out on a coastal adventure, what would we most likely find in the pocket of your Barbour jacket?
Shells, drift wood, collected flower seeds and a wooden fork for eating chips at the seaside!
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