#BarbourLife – David Sutherland

Discover David Sutherland's photographic adventures with us, in our first #BarbourLife blog of 2017.

January 27th 2017

Photographer and Ecologist, David Sutherland caught up with us in the picturesque location of Loch Lomond, Scotland. Find out how his two careers intersect and where his next adventure is taking him…

How has your Scottish heritage inspired you to pursue a career in photography?

I would say I fell into photography by accident and it was the Scottish outdoors which made me catch the unexpected bug for taking photographs! Some of my earliest memories are being on holidays all around Scotland and there is still so much here I have yet to discover. I am immensely proud of our wee country,  the beautiful wilderness it contains and the historic cultures.

As well as photography, you're also an ecologist. How do these two careers cross paths?

When I mentioned above that I kind of fell into photography by accident, my job as an ecologist was a big part of that. Being outdoors a lot you naturally might take a lot of photos but my love for nature, and opportunities I got through my work, really made me start to think more about composition and catching a scene in perfect conditions.

We love your rural aesthetic, has there been one particular adventure/location that influenced your style as photographer?

I think Glencoe in the highlands has to be the one place that really allowed me to start to shape my style. I have seen that place in every kind of weather condition and every single time I go back it still manages to throw up some surprises. It is where I began to realise I much prefer Scotland in moody weather….even though that means rain.

As you are constantly taking inspiration from the beauty of nature, are there any adventures, UK or other-wise, that stand out in your memory?

2016 was the year I told myself I would try and see more of Scotland and it did not disappoint. I explored the Isle of Skye in March and it delivered everything. There was more than once occasion where I visited an iconic location and could see nothing due to dense fog but given a bit of time it cleared, revealing majestic mountains and views bit by bit.

Where is your next adventure taking you?

This year I plan to continue where I left off in 2016 and explore some more Scottish islands and hopefully head further north to the likes of Orkney. I have my sights set on Iceland too and despite the shorter days, I think it has to be a visit in winter to really take in the amazing landscapes!

With so many photographers turning to Instagram to showcase their work, how do you see this evolving or changing?

Instagram is such a great platform for budding photographers to develop. People like me who have had no formal training/education in photography can begin to showcase their work and potentially grow an audience, without having massively expensive equipment and that is a good thing in my eyes.

When or where did you first come in contact with Barbour?

I can remember when I was younger my dad had a Barbour jacket and as a tiny kid I always loved the feel of the wax finish! Having grown up interested in the outdoors it is a name that is quite iconic amongst outdoor brands.

What are you likely to find in your Barbour pocket when you are exploring in Loch Lomond?

Well my phone will be in there, to state the obvious I guess! I use my phone to take tester shots at times to work out composition and how the light looks. I also sometimes take a little notepad with me with ideas of the types of shots I am after for that day.

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